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Birthday Bumps!


I came across
this site when I was researching for the Feb 18 post, and then obviously could not resist looking for my own birthday horoscope. Human tendency.

However, it’s not just coz it’s astrology. It’s about the particular date you were born. Not a common category for the entire month. I’m sure that would appeal to a lot more people. (At least it worked for me.)

My date of birth is the 9th last day of the 7th month. (Stop calculating – that’s July 23rd)

(I said STOP calculating. I’ve counted, it’s correct.)

The 22nd and 23rd of any month is a very inconvenient date. Why? Coz it falls under either this or that sunsign, depending on what brackets a particular astrologer chooses. This results in the birthday boy/girl becoming a “cusp” and needing to check both the signs to arrive at a passable reading for him/herself.

I’m a cusp of Cancer and Leo – a horrible combination (as I always say). On the one hand, such a person has the typical Cancerian moody temperament; on the other, he/she can’t help dominating others. Craving the limelight, being touchy, independent and protective, are other dispositions of the July 23 individual.

Simply put, the person is in a constant state of conflict, caught between two options that are both partly preferred.
(Which kinda explains the numerous confusions and dilemmas in my life.)

But enough about my pet hypothesis. Here’s what “How Stuff Works” says about my date of birth.

July 23 Birthday Astrology
by Jill M. Phillips

Leos (?!!!) born on July 23 love being the center of attention. (I just said that, didn’t I?) They have a pleasing personality (ahem!) and a good sense of humor. (You bet!) Whether it is a personal or a work-related project, these men and women are always prepared.
(That’s right, plus we’re diligent and we absolutely NEED feedback.) (Hint hint.)

Friends and Lovers
Now this is interesting... July 23 individuals are friendly and sociable and have the heart to transform a frivolous relationship into a deep and satisfying friendship. (This does create trouble sometimes when I get attached and the intention isn’t mutual.) They like to romance a love interest with old-fashioned style. (That’s SO true!) They believe in keeping the romance alive in a longtime relationship or marriage.
(Heaven protect those who cannot match up to our few million expectations. We can weep a hundred tears, and wreck the partner’s peace of mind.)

Children and Family
July 23 people love their family and remain in close contact with siblings, parents, and other relatives. (Conditions apply - provided the family and kin is worth contacting.) In love matters, they often marry and start a family at an early age. (I’m past 23 and unmarried yet; seems like “early” is a relative term.) They make excellent parents because they combine lessons learned in childhood with their own instinct. (Hey, I’m gona be the best mom in the entire universe! Right, Jia-Jai-Dev-Ria?)

(I have a toothache, eye-ache and body ache pretty often these days, by the way. Never told ya.) There are few healthier specimens on the face of the earth than July 23 people. (Oops, wrong timing! But, I don’t fall ill too often. Touch wood!) Their boundless energy and enthusiasm for life infuse their whole being with a sense of specialness and vibrancy :-) They love to look good - but health is even more important to them.
(Umm, not too sure about that...)

Career and Finances
July 23 natives often experience their career success early in life. (That’s right, folks.) They are generally lucky where money is concerned and have the potential to make, and lose, a great deal of it during their lifetime. (I hope the “make” is much larger in volume than option 2.) One of their few faults is a love of gambling.

Dreams and Goals
(I’m clueless about my goal myself, so I hope this gives a pointer. Dreams, aah – you’ve read about that before here.) July 23 people never stop working toward their goals. Although they may change direction, they start out waiting for that brass ring to come around, and when it does they grab for it with enthusiasm. (Correct so far.) Although career success and financial security come high on the list of goals for them, higher still is a desire to obtain the respect and love of those they care for. (Bang on, again.)

The article ends with a list of things July 23rds should adopt and evade. Namely, espouse constructive change and a happy heart (whatever that is), and avoid being too analytical and looking back. (There’s nothing else I’d like to do more, but ineffective hitherto.)

Eager to go check out your own birthday astrology? Here the link ...


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