Wednesday, February 4

Tick-Tock goes my Clock...


What I’m upto these days? Well, tons... I’m traveling daily to Hinjewadi, sometimes on my two-wheeler (mighty good long ride!) and at other times by cab or auto. No, not pleasure-sake, but coz we’ve got a major assignment at a Tata company there. (I told you
my boss includes me on off-site activities these days.) After 7 long months, I’m finally learning something concrete and novel. My mind feels great! (My body doesn’t unfortunately, but no pain, no gain!)

I wish I could tell you more about the project, but confidentiality and professionalism bind me. Anyway, the bottom-line is, nobody and no organization is perfect. So, take a chill pill, and do the best you can wherever you are.

My brains getting some exercise, too. Sick of having nothing constructive to do, I decided to study something. (Yup, I remember I
rejoiced at having never to go back that way again, but here I am, aching to grease my rusted grey cells.) So, what I did was get the GMAT official guide and take the diagnostic test to see where I stand.

It was mighty pleasant to see that I scored above average in Critical Reasoning and average on the other 4 sections. You despise my joy at being rated average? Hullo! I’ve not studied Math since 10th grade (did a little bit of stats at MA level), and I’ve not taken any such test in ages. Without remembering or revising, if I can get an average, then I’m sure I’ll do better when I’m well-read and studied.

I’m missing my walk in this entire chakkar. I miss seeing all those adorable kiddos and cute oldies, so similar in so many respects. They are happy to be there, they are trying to walk and run, and they smile unconditionally at strangers and friends alike. Then there are folks walking briskly clad in jeans, and there are those that wear their pants so high, they don’t need a shirt. Some single, some couples, some in groups. All with a purpose – either to ogle at people, chat with buddies, study or ... (ahem, guess you know what...)

What else am I doing? Well, the
Mahabharata is on. After Bheeshma is felled, (“felled” is not incorrect; I know the past tense of “to fall” is fell, but “to fell” also means to knock down/destroy. English ke baare mein don’t take panga, buddy!) treacherous Drona takes over as commander of the Kaurava army. Here starts the Drona Parva, that describes how Abhimanyu is killed with deceit and adharma. After all, the Kali yuga has begun.

The 16 year old warrior that killed thousands of the enemy legion is hounded and slaughtered like a dog by a group of 6 elders (“maharathikas”) that forsake virtue and morality. Yudhishtira and the other Pandavas curse themselves for being unable to protect him despite his pleading to them that he cannot exit the
chakra vyuha, only enter it. Dazed at the death of his son, and outraged at the terrible manner he was murdered, Arjuna vows to slay Jayadratha before the next sunset, else he would kill himself. Partha’s oath makes Krishna anxious, as with Arjuna out of the way, the Kauravas would easily win the war. He asks his sarathy Daruka to keep his chariot ready; He is willing to perjure himself (He swore not to bear arms in the war) rather than let the Pandavas lose, and darkness prevail. Drona protects Jayadratha with 3 beautiful war formations, but Arjuna breaks them all and fights to keep his pledge...

In the midst of this war, what is also interesting, is that nobody kills the Kaurava brothers, coz Bheema has vowed to kill them all himself. Another unusual tale is when an adversary dies by his own weapon that he flung at Krishna, coz Varuna deva had gifted it on the condition that it would not be used against an unarmed opponent. Sahi naa?!!

What is also sahii is that Colors and UTV are doing wonders! They’re airing movies that released merely a few weeks ago! I watched a bit of Welcome to Sajjanpur – I’d heard a great review of this film, but didn’t find it too engaging.
Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye is being screened on Feb 15th. I’m looking forward to that one! Remember I missed it?
Waise toh I'm also keen to see Luck By Chance; heard the songs are very good and the storyline is exceptional... Dekho kab ho pata hai...

Hey, I'd asked you readers to teme how frequently I should blog - and while 83% say everyday, there is one soul who suggests I blog once in 3-5 days... Tell you what, I think I'm gona start blogging every alternate day...

Chalo bahut time ho chukka... You get back to your work, and me to mine.

Good day!



PhilO♥ said...

Just came across your blog!
It's lovely !
I saw Luck By Chance. It's nice. Okay Okay. The songs are nice !
Do check out my blog!
Take Care!
Will be waiting to hear from you !

PhilO♥ said...

And ya, dont talk about welcome to sajjanpur. that movie was IRRITATING!!!! Lol

Sibi said...

Hey Princess do i need to tell u tat u have the sharpest of the sharp minds?Don't worry ya ab tum GMAT ke is dal-dal mein ghus hi gayi ho toh m sure i l come out as a winner.Well if u have ny doubt bat maths or as a matter of fact nything logical well m always there to help u:-)Aur batao kya chal raha hai.Well m missing yo mail too.Ahem ahem...Oye lucky luckyt oye aur luck by chance.Sab luck luck ho raha hai.Well yo good times has stated i guess.LUCKY uuuuu..Yupuuuuuu...

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