Friday, February 20

Khabari Lal ki Khabarein - Part II

There were several more khabars that I did not share yesterday, hence the sequel.

You don’t mind, right?!! Cool...

Cool is SO not the word I would want to use for the latest range of Bru Cold Coffees. I bought one called Bru Ice Cappuccino Mochaberg, and it was yuck! The horrid aftertaste and watery flavor had me gulping the first half of the glass with my taste-buds on dead mode, and the remaining half was gratefully drained in the sink. 15 bucks down the drain... Not that their hot range was phenomenal either... Better stick to the
tried and tested coffee shops for your cuppa.

By the way, hear about my latest addictions. Two things, and incidentally, both start with S – Saunf (fennel seeds) and Szechwan Dosa (that’s correct, wasn't a typo. I did mean Szechwan Dosa). I’ve had the latter like... twice in the last 5 days... and am crazy about it! About saunf, well, I’m ashamed to admit – I’m ruminating like a cow all day...
Baby, I’m addicted, I’m out of control...

(Also eating vada pav regularly these days, but not at the addiction level yet. Shall let you know.)

Yoohoo! The Goa carnival is here! I think I’m going for the fete this weekend, with family. (Waise toh merriment and celebrations happen for a week, and I’d so love to experience it all, but kambhakt office mein chhutti nahi milti. The downside of being an employed professional.
Envy you Mom!)

Speaking about Goa, here’s the update from filmdom – Freida “Latika” Pinto (who shot to fame with her Slumdog Millionaire/Crorepati debut) has ditched her secret Goan husband post her million dollar hit. The price of success...

Other Indians dreaming of triumph are Mohammed Azharuddin and
A. R Rahman. The Indian cricketer is all set to join the Congress, and the master musician has 3 Oscar nominations! Fingers crossed for you, Rehman! Not too tough a task for you given your easy victory with the Golden Globe award and the BAFTAs (the British equivalent of the Oscars).

Ready for some news away from the motherland?

The Italian minister has suggested that rapists should be castrated, and I am in complete agreement with the gentleman. (I don’t know if this will actually take effect, but it’s unfair if one gets off easily after committing sucha heinous crime.)

The other update comes straight from England where designated kissing zones are set up near train stations to reduce congestion and make the place more efficient. Smooching is banned at the drop-off points as it was noticed that drivers pull up with their traveling partners and lock lips even as the rest of the traffic gets blocked. How considerate!

Which brings me to my favorite-st topic : traffic! (Check
this and this and this and more!!)

I’ve observed two traffic trends – one is, keeping the indicator on when one has no intentions of turning, and actually turning without any indication. The other (which applies to pedestrians as well) is not looking at the oncoming traffic whilst crossing the road. Obviously, the rider on the right of the law and lane has nothing else to do than watch out for these majestic, wandering souls.

Hey, I did not tell you about the latest restaurant I visited - Govind Garden. The place has been there for donkey’s years, but I never quite got there to have a meal. A major landmark in Pimpri, the place is pretty popular with families and students from nearby educational institutions. The location and spread of the place is decent, and they even have a swimming pool (with a cute wooden bridge) to boast of.

The waiters are eager to please, and simple in a way that city waiters will never quite grasp. However, that doesn’t stop them from serving tandoori rotis that are like papads with gaping holes in the centre. The captain beckoned us to occupy a table near the swimming pool “specially for couples, with a candle in between”... but that didn’t look as romantic as it sounds, so we chose a more “family” spot, with proper lighting and furniture. (He even suggested the “posh” part of the restaurant, where the charges were extra, but who cares about A/Cs when one’s starving?!!)

Thankfully, the half Chicken Handi we ordered was worth the wait, and more than sufficient for two. I must say, the chicken was better than any I’ve tasted in a long time. The only glitch was that the mosquitoes ate twice as much of me as I did of the food... Not a bad place at all...

A brainwave to end this post - I think the concept of sulabh shauchalays (roadside toilets) should be abandoned. Or at least building entire structures is a bad idea. Those that pee in the open expanse are happier that way, and those with a little shame and nationalism make sure they relieve themselves on the outer walls without actually stepping inside (don’t blame them! The stink is suicidal.) We could save quite a bit by just constructing one huge wall... The men would enjoy that, I’m guessing...


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