Tuesday, February 17

Nothing Billu About It...

I’m not quite sure what happened on or after Feb 14th with reference to the Pink Chaddi buddies, but here’s what Times of India quoted on D-day (aka V-Day) : Perhaps never before has underwear played such an important part in Indian cultural history. The “Pink Chaddi” campaign, launched by the Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose Forward Women, has attracted hordes of members — the number has touched 34,032 and still counting — making it one of the most popular sites these days.

Well, teme one thing, mates - Who decides what is Indian and un-Indian? Is democracy and freedom of expression a myth, something to decorate our constitutional charter, without understanding or adhering to?

I’m outraged at these goondas parading around spreading terror as “moral police”. Uneducated, ruthless rascals - are they equally tyrannical at their homes with their daughters and wives? Or is this honor saved only for those that are outside their control? I feel sorry for their depraved upbringing and decadent principles. They flaunt their so-called patriotism and aspire to protect “Indian” dignity by molesting and inhumanely assaulting their own country-mates! I wonder how fair that is... And how Indian, too...

However, one positive outcome of such mawali behavior is that the youth has finally decided to stop lying low, and actually do something against injustice and mistreatment of self and the larger community. They acquired their perfect, civilized medium in the form of the blogosphere and world wide web, which was hitherto used primarily for chatting and loafing. Apart from the Pink Chaddi crew, there are a hundred many individuals and groups airing their opinions and seeking support. (Remember I told you about this
gentleman who invited people to the Taj gates to protest against the Mumbai attacks?) Finally, learned people (who are cultured as well) have found a way to raise their voice with sophistication and humanity. Cheers to that!

You must be wondering about today’s title. The reference - I happened to watch the recent SRK movie – Billu (initially titled Billu Barber) over the weekend. The verdict – Mujhe Budbuda ka (non-jungli) Billu bahut pasand hai.

You must have heard tales of Krishna as a child, and how he had this impoverished childhood pal Sudaama, whom he loved with all his heart. The very same story that you heard then is now made into a full-length movie; Sahir SRK Khan as the charismatic superstar, and Irrfan as the poor naai (=hajaam) who cuts hair for a living. The story is about how these two langotiya yaars meet serendipitously and are reunited by fate.

SRK is his real self in the movie – right from his humble interaction with the simple villagers to his pride at being the superstar he is. (Did you hear he had his 7th surgery yesterday?) The songs are quite frequent, but they’re not repulsive. The movie belongs to Irrfan, who easily charms the audience with his self-esteem and integrity. The rest of the cast is pakka Priyan – the same folks as Malaamal Weekly, Hulchul and the rest. Rajpal Yadav (the official brand ambassador of Roopa Frontline!!) and Om Puri are wasted in the movie, and the heroines with item songs breeze by amidst appealing choreography and fascinating sets.

The movie is by no measures a must-watch in the cinema hall, nor can I say you should watch is on DVD, for that matter. It’s strictly OK. If you care more about your popcorn cravings than the actual screenplay, go for it.

Moving on to an important announcement!! Say hello to the newest kid on the block, a recent addition to the “crazy-about-the-radio” brigade... Taadaaa!! Mommy dearest!! I was stunned the other day to see the music system in her room, and she perpetually walking to it every 2 minutes to change the frequency or raise the volume. A Ghanta Singh fan, she doesn’t tire of repeating how old songs are unparalleled in rhythm and lyrics even as she tries to sing new songs in her own style. (Drives me crazy. Blame the perfectionist streak.)

Hey, another piece of news - I bought a brand new Nokia 3110 – not a very fancy
instrument but suits my budget and requirements fine. SMS is a challenge currently, coz Moto and Nokia have different typing styles (the space button, send and clear functions, etc.) Wasting quite a bit of money when incomplete messages get sent erroneously, but I’m trying... Yippee! New phone, new phone!! I miss you already Moto darling. Your sleek, slim style will forever remain on the top of my admiration list!

Gotta go; competency mapping calling!



Sibi said...

Well wat to say bat the moral police...There is only one word for them-IDIOTS...Wud not like to say nything mo..Billu was certainly a disapntmnt.I gues none of the makers have seen the movie after it was made..Well tat has bcome a routine now in Bollywood..Yupuuuu naya cell.Soon u l get adjusted to the new style o messaging n u l start liking this cell as u liked the moto...have a good day..

Denis Thomas said...

I have been wanting to comment for a very long time, cos I have been a great fan and an avid reader of all your blogs! So, here it comes....... from AMRIKAAAAH TO AMCHEE PUNE --- Just for YOU, ONLY for U!!!

Your blogs are always a refreshing read, well phrased and to the point! One thing I surely can tell bout 'YOU' - the way u have written about Rajpal Yadav being the brand ambassador & many other subtle points in your blog reveal that you are a well read & informed person. It also shows that you are someone who would love to do something for humanity. After reading this post, I felt this girl should get into International Relations. Her articles could create a stir for the common man cos, she speaks their tongue and appeals to everyone. That is what makes her blog interesting to the masses.

A cup of iced-tea please!
That was hard work......phew! :)

vishal said...

nice to hear bout updates..cofee,kissing area in england n billu barber-guess priyadarshan is suffering from making same thing..repeated formula amidst mixture..same illness subhash ghai is suffering from..anyways take care..yeah..garden restaurant in pune is a lovely place..

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