Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Lets celebrate LOVE!!

As you shut after your eyes after a long day,
A smile stays on your lips;
Coz you know someone’s thinking of you,
Someone who loves you to bits.

As you awake to the chirping birds,
You brim with hope and joy;
Coz someone has been dreaming of you,
Someone who charms you with every ploy.

As you tread through your busy schedule,
Actively or with stealth;
You feel so prized and special,
Coz someone misses you with every breath.

Someone who wipes your tears,
Even before they touch your cheeks;
Someone who through right and wrong,
Cherishes your memories for keeps.

That someone is your messiah,
Your reason for living on;
That someone sticks with you,
When all the others are gone.

When you win, someone’s prayers are answered;
As you dream, someone encourages your desires silly;
For you to have a smooth path,
Someone scales terrain rough and hilly.

For your warm embrace and love,
That someone yearns day and night;
Someone flooded with a million torches,
Call you the guiding light.

(As you read these verses now,
If in your mind’s eye you see;
A caring face and tender heart;
Guess who that might be!)

Call out to that someone,
And cherish that someone needs you;
Someone who, to save you from blistering heat,
Like the cool breeze blew.

If you let that someone leave,
You’ll regret it forever;
Coz angels come by once,
And may not return ever...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

And a joke as I say goodbye this week....

Happy weekend!

With love,


Denis Thomas said...

Every word you have written is so true that it touches my heart every time I read it..........

Sibi said...

A very happy valentine day to u Princess..Wowww absolutly brilliant one to post on sucha good day..Angels come by once and may not return ever..Wat a lovely line...So good to have some one who is an angel in your life..And I m lucky I have one,and a very spcl one...Thanks...Happy valentines agn....Have an awesome wknd...

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