Monday, February 9

Plan by Chance

Wana know what I've been up to over the last couple of days?

Apart from my daily routine (which basically includes work, read, sleep, eat, TV, chat, pseudo-study, blog, and other knick-knacks), I’ve done 3 different things last week. All unplanned and fun. One was attending the NHRD meet on Friday at Le Meridien, the other was visiting Optimos, and the last was going picknicking with my parents' gang!!

You remember I told you about the
last NHRD session I attended? Well, the one last week was about a dissertation on Assessment Centres done by Nidhi Dhanju of Infosys. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t too energized by the time it ended; I had higher expectations from the discussion and interaction. The networking wasn’t too great either, business-wise, for the simple reason that there were a lot more consulting firms than corporates, and I ended up unnecessarily parting with too many visiting cards coz there were several representatives from the same organization.

The other event had me jumping in joyful anticipation. I visited my ex-ex-company : Optimos. (Mentioned it a few times when I spoke about
memories and my jhola and my list/range of professional experiences) It’s been 3.5 years since I quit, and I continue to have a basket of recollections of my times there. Haven’t been there since, though I continue to be in touch with my ex-colleagues.

As I climbed the first couple of steps, I was actually anxious about the kind of atmosphere I’d see and the welcome I’d receive. I already knew there were only a handful of people left there that I knew, including my direct manager and a few others. However, that didn’t stop me from shivering and smiling till my cheeks explode. The way my manager greeted and spoke to me was super-special, and it didn’t feel like I was returning after 40+ months.

I could go on for ages, but it may not seem very interesting and exciting to you. Like how I visualized our ex-security guard Bhagwan standing up to say hello to me (and only me!), my sense of detachment when I saw the change in geaography and population, yet my feeling of belongingness when I sat at Roopa's desk chatting away and laughing at an average of 8 times per minute...

Well, steering to the final activity - it's been ages since I went for an outing with my family. I always manage to find an excuse to avoid going out with them. Why? Maybe coz I don't enjoy myself too much (could be my imagination) or coz I've more masti stuff to do elsewhere with other folks.

Whatever the reason, if I ever say yes to such plans, it causes tremendous hue and cry, surprise and amazement among everybody who knows me! Which is exactly what happened when my parents asked me if I would want to join them to Morgaon (roughly 70 kms from Pune, close to Saswad-Jejuri). There is a Ganpati temple here, one among the 8 Ashtavinayaks, and there is also a Mayureshwar abhayaaranya (=sanctuary) closeby where you can sight chinkara (a kind of deer), peacocks, wolves and other creatures.

I said yes coz I had nothing better to do, and the agenda sounded like fun. Having been on an African safari, the mentioned jungle drive seemed like a joke; we barely saw a few deer and that too at quite a distance. Obviously, since there was hardly any greenery there, and local farmers were making a din. But, the temple was nice; I even got a modak there!

All in all, a good week.

Valentine's day is approaching. Ready with your plan to woo your partners and profess your undying love yet again, lover boys and girls??

Have a good week!

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Sibi said...

Good u had spent some time with yo parents..Obviously everyone will be happy to have u around yaar coz ur tat kind of a person..Wherever u r u dont let anyone get bore.Ur crazy rib tickling one liners..I tell ya...No elephants in the abhyarayan or wateva was tat..Kitta diffcult hai yaaar hindi mein woh word..huhh...Hey y dont u write a brief decscrptn of yo Africa trip?It will be nice to take a trip to Africa..Courtesy excited as Valentines is around the corner...

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