Monday, November 24

Weekend by Chance

A very unplanned and unexpected weekend... Whoever said self-made plans work out?
I struck gold over the weekend – a discovery that you'll surely appreciate... Women honk for business, men for pleasure. How did I arrive at this premise? I haven’t really gone the hypothesis-testing way, but it sure is a validated statement. Shall explain in detail some other day. For now, ruminate!

The news is out! Yyuuvvrraajj (whatever the spelling is!) is a super-duper flop. (Folks like Zayed Khan and Tusshar Kapoor should just take a hint and spare us such torturous enterprises.) But even the others, save Anil Kapoor, have not managed to please the audiences. I anyways hate
Sallu, (I think besides looking and sounding stylish, he’s a dud at everything else – acting, life, or whatever). So I ain’t too disappointed. The trailers of Rab ne Bana di Jodi are looking good, Haule Haule and Dance pe Chance are splashed across television screens (seen the cute way SRK boogies in the latter?!!) and I think the movie will be good. Time will tell...

Went shopping with mum after ages. (Ain’t it amazing the way we tend to ignore people who are important to us? We conveniently sideline them and their little joys for the sake of temporary, more exciting activities. Which end finally and leave you down in the dumps...)

Nope, we didn’t buy anything too sizeable; a few odds and ends. But most importantly, mum was happy coz we spent time together, just the two of us, and in turn, that contented me. Indeed, the best things in life are free... Like the company of the one you love...

(What you do with that togetherness then decides the necessity of the Mastercard.)
Ahh. the good news is that I'm doing a pretty decent job of not repeating my clothes very frequently. Cheers!

I read a few funny articles in Pune Mirror yesterday (you may also be interested in this and this). Japanese men are now buying bras. And so, lingerie companies have latched on and sunk their fangs into yet another unusual venture – bras specially made for men! What’s coming next?!! God save the world...

The Sunday TOI makes for an interesting read, especially the quotable quotes (I know the term is Reader’s Digest-ial, but pardon me for that!) Here’s some :
We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are – Anais Nin.
When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves...

(I have taken the last one quiteseriously; if I don’t change myself and a few aspects of my life now, you’ll soon be reading my obituary in the very same newspapers I talk about here...)
Shashi Tharoor has written a very optimistic review of Slumdog Millionaire – the movie based on Vikas Swaroop’s novel Q & A. I’m really excited to see it!

And the news that has really frustrated me, is that the same silly guy who won
Roadies by fluke has managed to win Bigg Boss 2 as well!! I mean, *&^#%*^#*... Luck really favors some!

Well, we seem to be going on and on about films and filmdom. So, here are some other updates – I went to this place called Sigree, where I tried my long-awaited liqueur fantasy – Bailey’s Irish Cream. (I duno why an ex-colleague spoke so highly about it. To me, it tasted like butter toffee ground and mixed with milk and poured over ice in a
fancy glass. Is it alcoholic? I didn’t think of it one bit as intoxicating.) Anyways, the food was OK, but the ambience and service was excellent. Very few places in Pune would boast of good service, so I must give some extra credit to this restaurant. Predictably, it cost a bomb to order just one starter and one curry with rice. But, everything comes at a price. So, in all, a fine experience. My rating – 6 on 10. Which is pretty good as hotels go!

There is something else that deserves a 10 on 10 – my experience at Croma. This electronics mall not only has a superb setup, but the range of goods they have is marvelous! I swooned over their dazzling LCD and Camera collection. (Need to buy a digicam soon; I’m dying to take pictures of nothing in particular and post them on my blog for you to see!) And ya, I also need to buy a
cellphone for myself. Ya ya, I know I said my Moto’s going good, but... it’s become old... and there’s some weird khar-khar sound that comes when I’m chatting... and the hands-free isn’t working too well either... You understand, right?...


So, my November and December paycheck are booked. I’m not gona see a penny of either. Better cut the expenses!

A different weekend.

A different life.


And it’s all for the best.


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Sibi said...

Hey Princess,ur mum will be happy very much i know as u spent the wknd wid her.Hey even i read all the quotes that u mentioned.Really some nice one's ya.N tat bra for men thing,i wud rather like not to speak bat tat.GHOR KALYUG.Waiting for some interesting facts on mahabharta.have a nice week ahead.

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