Saturday, November 22

To be or not to be...

You’re a deadly drug, one I’m better off without,
But I’m still attracted to you, my brain’s in a rout.
I still want to know you like me, I need to hear your voice,
I seem to be entranced, it looks like I have no choice.
You brought nothing but trouble,
Yet I enjoyed every moment,
The exhilaration I felt,
Obliterated the frustration and torment.
The mystery that is you, I truly can’t comprehend,
Your life’s in ruins, still towards you my fantasies tend.
My heart skips a beat, when I hear your name,
It's definitely not love, but it also ain't a game.
What IS it, I ask myself, time and again,
Your mesmeric hold over me, I hate and disdain.
I know you feel something when you think of me too,
But what ended abruptly, I can only imagine and rue.
I often miss those days, and in their memories I brew,
I hope you read this, and I’m sure you’ll know this is for you...


Down'and'out said...


sumant said...

short crisp and beautiful... ; ) awesome

Sibi said...

Tats something from the bottom of the heart.Awesome.PLeasure reading it.

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