Friday, November 7

You've come a long way baby...

My Blog.

I have a blog.
The name of my blog is life.
I love to write on my blog everyday.
People from around the globe visit my blog.
I like my blog, and I hope everybody else adores it, too.

(Whew! Remember the compositions we wrote in school? This is a lot more difficult than what I write now! I wonder how our teachers put up with all our monotonous, factual and boring sentences. And that, too, we were about 60 students in a class! Hats off, kindergarten and primary school tutors!)

I’ve been writing for quite sometime now; about life, people, experiences and events. This time round, I thought I should walk you through my blog. I’m sure most of you have explored it and seen how it has evolved over the months and years. (A keen observation made by a fairly new reader, but man, you’re bang on target! Thanks for noticing and commenting!) But still, for the benefit of those who just drop in, read the topmost post and sign out, here’s an effort for retention ;-) (Jeez I'm sounding like some sales-guy!! Paapi pet ka sawaal hai!! Hehe.)

So, folks! Welcome here and hope you enjoy this ride...

For starters, leme tell you, half my post content is in brackets! I mean everything I write is my own stuff, so why the brackets? Maybe to keep you on track and distinguish between what’s the main theme and what are my diversions/digressions/distractions. There is so much I have to share off-the-record, that I can’t bear to leave it out, not can I afford to bypass the plot of the day. Instantaneous comments cannot be held back. Just like how I actually talk. (An acute observation made again very wisely by the same reader. Kudos, buddy! And thanks again!)

(Oops, here we go again with the brackets...)

It’s surprising that I hate it when people jump from one topic to another without warning or preamble, when I myself end up on by-lanes while cruising through peak tempo matters. Thankfully, I don’t find it too tough to steer back to the beaten track that I had left for a few seconds. Apparently others cannot switch over so quickly and easily. The
world is full of all types of people, and I’m all for individuality and diversity.

My blog is a reflection of my
personality. It’s colorful just like me. But on a black, even background coz I like firm bases and solid foundations. Besides, the black makes the post stand out (Being a Leo, seeking the limelight comes naturally to me.)

Talking about colors, the most colorful emotion I know is sorrow. It’s sucha splendid feeling, so much to write about and share... It's weird, but I think I'm addicted to sorrow. Just see the number of times I talk about it...

And I'm addicted to hating unfinished, ambiguous stuff. Be it discussions, movies, books or life (despised the B.A. syllabus novel Temporary Answers and the brilliant Bollywood movie 15 Park Avenue for the very same reason). I demand a logical ending to all that I encounter. And so, though my blog doesn’t end on notes where it started, it certainly doesn’t leave you guessing!
Hum beech raaste mein haath chhod dene walon mein se nahi!
Now the side-business. You can see several of my favorite activities here in the form of little windows (I didn’t know until fairly recently that they’re called widgets). I’m an organized person, so, you find sequence and coherence on the entire page. Which basically means my header on top (“Life”) followed by what’s it about. Recently added the Ticker widget to count the number of hits "Life" gets on an hourly-daily-weekly-monthly basis. And of course, the cute Feedjit Map on the left that shows the location of the visitors. (Hello, citizens of the world! Thanks for visiting!)

Thereafter, the “Followers” widget which shows folks who are fans of my blog and often visit and comment (Love ya, guys! Muaaahhh!) (Join the gang, the rest of you!). Next are my affiliations in the form of where my blog is listed (Blogorama, Indiblogger, Blog Catalog, etc) and my personal introduction. When you scroll down further, you will see a list of the topics I have discussed in the current month, that you can click and visit, followed by a short archive of the older posts.

I don’t find tiny briefs of each post pretty or interesting, so my entire post content is visible on the right, as the widgets continue in a column on the left. The live traffic feed gives a glimpse of the last 10 visitors to the blog, and I’m always pleasantly surprised when I see people from far across sparing a few moments to lounge about on my page. It’s a great booster!

I’m a jolly, witty woman. (Blush, blush.) So, my blog would be incomplete without some humor. Hence, the Useless Knowledge widget! Hehe, they have some amazing stuff there! An equally important ingredient of my existence and personality are my books. A bookworm since childhood, sneak a peek at some of my fav reads on my Shelfari bookshelf. (You can also see my reviews and reads in the last 1+ year as I rant about them in my posts. Just check the label "

My English and quiz passion comes forth in the form of Hangman, that lies under the bookshelf. After which are the labels to my posts. (Spent over an hour labeling and editing this section the other day. Quite a task, but we’re all structured now!)

And I guess, that’s that. For now at least. I wanted to add a calendar and clock to the blog, plus a few other games. But, then I realized, the blog would take too long to upload and would look cluttered. (Another thing I detest - clutter)

Also want to add videos and snaps to the blog, but then somehow that function didn’t work in my post window the last time I tried. Saw some blogs with them, and they looked cool. (Of course, the actual content matter was less, so that’s a problem pour moi with my chatterbox disposition!)

I would like my blog to appear like those professional ones, where there is a complete personalized picture and stuff. But I ain’t spending any money on this! Not until the returns are huge (pakka baniya approach; it’s in the blood, you see!) So, for now, I’m working on my fonts and formats, sms lingo addiction and language. And exploiting all the freebies I can find.
Jitni chaadar utna pair...
So, well, I hope that was introduction enough. Enjoy the blog. Make it your playground. Spare a few moments each day and I promise to give you a few laughs (Anuja Carrey-type) and a few lessons (Maa Anujanandmayi Devi-style). (Uh uh... that actually sounds grotesque, but you get the hang of it, right?!)

I appreciate all your comments and contributions. All for one and one for all!

(Lonely) Princess

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sumant said...

U hve bcme a prof blogger bossy...all said and done...keep writin like u talk and definitely nt 2 impresss any the fact dat u dont mince ur words, u still bring those contemporary feelin to ur posts too...all d best : )

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