Monday, November 10

These are a few of my favorite things... Part I

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up with strings......
... These are a few of my favorite things

(Sound of Music)

Charming poem! Though I like the above, I would still like to mention some of the MORE favorite stuff in my rant-a-thon...

In alphabetical order again. (Like the
film-fare) ... In two parts, coz one will be too lengthy... Got too many things to love, ya know!)

So, here is the first half of the list :
ANUJA ;-) Know this gal? She’s cool and funny, intelligent and sensible. She can listen to your worries and get you outta trouble. She’s a Jane of all trades, and she’s not afraid to tell the world what she wants and what she hates. A temper that rages and an ego that flares up at the smallest opportunity, she’s one of my favorite people!!

Blogging & Bowling - The former I needn’t justify or describe. It’s just ME. The latter, well, I ain’t too great at it, but I do manage to clear the aisle once in a while!

Chocolates - Being a girl... But hullo! Even men freak out on chocolates. And this guy I know is crazy about MILKYBAR... My favs? Umm, I like most Cadburies including Dairy Milk and Perk. Not too fond of Fruit and Nut coz though I like almonds, I hate raisins... And Ferrero Rocher and Lindt among the foreign ones. Wonder why Americans are so crazy about peanuts and coconut in their poisons!

Dancing - Dance like nobody’s watching. Dance like it’s your last dance. Dance to show the world you don’t care. Dance to prove what your body’s powers and worth. Be it the slow Shakira moves or the swift Govinda matka-jhatkas. If you’re Indian, you sure know what I’m talking about... Ever seen how free and ecstatic people are at weddings, celebrations and processions. Be it Ganeshotsav or Gandhi Jayanti, people will erect their massive speakers at major crossroads and dance come rain or shine. Now that’s the spirit!

Eggs – The yellow or the white, boiled or poached, biryanis or curries, I love eggs! Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ande...

Flowers –
Told ya before, vibrant gerberas and dazzling roses, bright lilies and other flora. To gift to a friend or colleague, to place at the Lord’s feet. To smell, to touch and feel alive...

Glasses – (NOT my specs, puhleeezz! I respect them, but they certainly don’t feature on my “likes and loves” list). I mean the cutlery and crockery stuff. Elegant wine glasses and cute shot goblets, colorful plastic tumblers and exquisite champagne beakers. (Dunno the jargon, kindly excuse and educate!) I find them marvelous and I’m gona have an entire collection once I have my own house and showcase!

Hookah (or Sheesha) - Not good for health, but good for kicks and style! Not recommended if you’re under 18, but you sure will love this lounge-y feel and care-a-damn ambience. Try Mocha or Carnival if you’re in Pune.

Ice-cream – No explanations again! I love chocolate and mango, strawberry and butterscotch, vanilla with hot chocolate sauce... STOP DROOLING OVER YOUR KEYBOARDS, FELLAS!!! (Slurp, slurp! Gotchaaaa...)

Jokes & Juices – What did the frog order at McDonalds? French flies and Diet Croak ;-)
Hee hee. Laughs are not guaranteed, but entertainment sure is! And the adult ones, too ;-) But the PJs (an acronym for Poor Jokes, hope you know that) can be really deadly at times... Especially the silly ones that vella folks sms... And juices? Orange and Mosambi, Pineapple and Lychee, Apple and Lime. They keep you fit and they give you energy. And they’re great when you’re lounging about on your sofa in fronta the TV or at the beach watching the waves (Amazing the way my fantasy pops up in everything I desire and say!)

Karaoke – Sing as the lyrics are flashed on screen. No sweat if you don’t remember the lyrics as long as you know the tunes... Go on throaty, ugly-sounding buddies and bathroom singers! Find out which pub in your locality has a karaoke night on the cards and introduce the world to your irresistible charms! Why suffer alone???!!!!

Life & Laughter – I don’t know how people end their lives. Suicide, according to me, is a moment of extreme courage and at the same time, an instant of severe cowardice. To lose all hope and relinquish your future (which none knows what holds for you) is by far the stupidest thing on my list. I love life, and I live it once. Give it your best! No regrets... And what's life without laughter? The best way to judge a person's spontaneity and integrity is to see the things he laughs at and the manner he laughs. This will betray what you can never know by the way he speaks or behaves...

Come back tomr, wise people, for the remainder of this list!

(Admire your patience and perseverance!)




Sourav said...

Would love to read the next installment of this post....

Blogging, Chocolate, Eggs, Ice-cream, Jokes, Juices, Life and laughter are my favourites too.

Keep writing. :)

Sibi said...

me too would love to readd the next half of it..reading it jus after i had lunch n i wana eat al tat u jus wrote..yummmmm..can u post the other half today itself?we gonna lv it..laughter is sucha imp thing.who else could know betr than me.i laugh like a monster bt i lv it.pppplease post the next one soon.

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