Tuesday, November 18

A li'l Happy and sooo not GAY...

Blogs tend to influence each other. Majorly. You see one person writing about something, and then invariably, voluntarily or involuntarily, the same theme tends to seep into your writing and thinking. Overtly or subtly. And for this very reason, I make sure I don’t read anyone’s blog before I have made my post. Ditto for answers in Linked-In Q & A section. Bloggers and writers, take note!

So buddies, we’re halfway through November, and I can’t believe this year’s gona end so soon! Feels like I celebrated New Year’s just a month ago! I stopped making resolutions ages ago, but if I had one to-do on my list this year, it was to
travel abroad alone. Hasn’t happened in the last 11.5 months, and now the odds are next to nil. Probably next year... Fingers crossed...

I managed to catch
Dostana over the weekend. (It is now confirmed that the Times is paid for its movie reviews coz this bucketload of shit has been given 3.5 stars by the reviewer.) Jus coz u rope in stars and biggies from d industry, jus coz u showcase hot bods and exploit name, charm and charisma to the fullest, does NOT mean u can make disasters like this and trick cinema-goers into putting up with this claptrap. I mean I had my expectations harnessed when I learnt the movie was a KJo production (I’m sure you haven’t forgotten the very forgettable KANK yet). But I was certainly not geared up to have KKHH (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) flung on my face and Kal Ho Na Ho (KHNH) dished out to me in cartloads. Just how far and how long can you bank upon your handful hits and wins?

Watsit about anyway? Recollect the small “Kantaben” sequence in KHNH? Well, that has been puffed and blown up into a full movie. Needless to say, the few laughs that we had on gay-ism in KHNH completely evaporate in this drama where John and Abby pose as homosexuals to hire Piggy Chops’ apartment in Miami. Apart from the breathtaking locales and stylish apparel, there’s little to look out for, as the songs are too many and the plot too predictable. I seriously think Abby Baby’s gay, the way he played the role so effortlessly and realistically. And I honestly think Bobby Deol (yep, he’s in the movie, too; the guy who finally wins the dame in the love square) is worth much more in the fillum-world than he has commanded till now.

The caramel popcorn and Pepsi was not sufficient entertainment either, so I’m rating this movie one star = extremely miss-able. (You can still go if you are looking to lighten your wallet and not have equitable returns.)

Speaking of the Times, Pune Mirror is definitely more reliable (the reviewer captures my dreadfully honest opinion.)

I think the entire paper is well worth the cost. They have these interesting sting ops and annotations, polls and discussion boards alongwith rewards for readers and contributors, fascinating articles on science and discoveries, relationships and celebrities. And a goofy sexpert column that I read for kicks... Ahem, classifieds and matrimonials, too.

A few articles in Sunday’s edition that I’d like to share and comment upon...

What are your views on mercy killing or euthanasia? We all know it is not allowed for humans, but there is no such restriction as far as animals are concerned. I think we should legalise this act. Why prolong pain and misery if there is no hope for somebody?

Another legal prohibition is abortion among Roman Catholics. I mean how much sense does that make?? I am no authority and I respect all religions, but I fail to grasp the rationale behind this decision. Birth control may not be a pressing issue at the moment in countries other than China and India, but this does not mean one is forced to have children one does not want!

Another article was about a transgender getting pregnant soon after his first delivery. This is exasperating! Why can’t we let nature be? Why do we HAVE to mess with it and prove our bogus and ephemeral supremacy? Cloning generated heated debates and sex-change also came under the hammer for different reasons. I don’t know whether I am plain old-fashioned or whether my streaks of innovation are inadequate. But one thing I’m sure about, this isn’t going to lead to anything pleasant, desirable or agreeable.

Time to wind up! Do leave me your comments so that we can share views across the world.

(A very warm welcome to visitors from Uganda, Chile, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, Pak, China, Sweden, Macedonia, Japan, Serbia, Norway, Netherlands, Skopje, Malaysia, Germany, Australia, the UK, the US and India, of course!)

BTW, after
Simply Marry, it is now Sify.com (check comments section) that has requested to put my blog link on their page. I have accepted and it’s time to wait and watch what happens next!



Sibi said...

Hey Princess completly agree wid d review of Dostana.Looked as if karan johar fulfilled all his fantacies in the movie:-)Poor abhishek.But for John its a daily business as he's a gay:-)Ya i know u LIKE him.
Today in Times first page I saw a gay couple with their baby from a surrogate mother.I didn't quiet like it coz a baby baby needs a mother no matter wat.N specially if the child is girl.
Well, v have all kinda ppl in this world so....
Have a gr8 day..

Sourav said...

Damn. I was hoping you didn't go to see this. I feel that it was horrible as I mentioned in another comment on one of your posts.

I don't even feel like writing more about this horror of a movie.

Good to see that you survived to tell the tale.

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