Monday, November 17

Saa(W)an and Saa(J)an

Pretty cloudy today, aint it? Quite a picnicky feeling, and sucha waste to be indoors working away on the comp, seeing the same old, boring faces!! Quite jealous of my elder bro who took off in his Swift at the crack of dawn for a vacation in Goa... Sniff sniff, some people have all the luck in the world!!!
Here's a poem that's been on my mind (and in my draft folder) for quite a while... It's about the rains, and the weather today gives me a perfect reason to post this today...

Barsaat : Ek Ankahee Baat (= Rains : An untold secret)

A single thought on my mind...
I miss the rain, yes I do,
Never thought I’d say this,
I’m sure you miss it, too.

When the showers struck hard,
I yearned for some sun;
I was tired of them then,
Now I’m missing the fun.

Running for shelter,
Seeking bus-stops and awnings,
Watching the sky for clouds,
Noon, evening and mornings.

Riding in the rain,
Getting soaked like a duck,
Pulling caps and jackets closer,
Getting dirty in the muck.

The cool breeze that drizzles bring,
The heavenly scent of the earth,
Watching children dancing in the rain,
Their squeals of bliss and mirth.

The pitter-patter of the droplets,
That strike the window panes;
Reminiscing about times gone,
Ostensibly cursing the rains.

(I know my birthday’s in July,
But that’s just one reason;)
Though I say I don’t,
I think I really like this season.

I’m not asking for 12 months of rain,
Nor do I think I’ll cherish it when it arrives (!)
But the truth is I miss the monsoon now,
And I’m confessing before the sensation dies...

Sometimes, relationships also follow the same path and process... Na???

(Think about it... And see the parallel in the lines above...)

Have a wonderful day!

P.S : Sorry, Sourav, nuthing new for you today as you've already read this when I posted it erroneously... Punishment for not commenting on my last post!! ;-) Come bac tomr for some fresh new maal!!!


Sibi said...

Hey Princess tat was cool.Even tho i did not undrstand some o d words but a poem on a season n tat too so good,u sounded like a professional writer.I mus say tat.Its such a beautful day n realy sitting in the office is a curse.Yes the relationship also follow the same path.Sometimes hppiness sometimes sadness.Jus like the seasons arrive they step into r lives.Ur thinking is going beyond limits n u l do gr8 not jus as a writer but as a person too.


Sourav said...

"Some new maal tomorrow" LOL

That's nice.... I wasn't able to check earlier though....

Favourite Stanza:

Riding in the rain,
Getting soaked like a duck,
Pulling caps and jackets closer,
Getting dirty in the muck.

Keep writing. :)


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