Monday, November 3

Thank God for cell-phones (And also the techie guys who actually invented and produced it)

There is no doubt about the fact that I cant live without my cell-phone.

Most people can’t. And especially at my age, it’s the worst nightmare anyone could have. We’re all addicted to it and we’re all loving it.

I have a Motorola L6i (I dunno too much about handsets and functions, but don’t want u to ask me later when I don’t remember the type). I’ve had 3 Nokias before this and a Sony Ericsson, too - a pretty flap one with a shining red Spiderman theme. I used to think Nokia was the best, but I did not find any more or any less trouble with the other brands I’ve used so far. Especially this Moto. It’s sleek and it’s thin, and it has all the functions I need – basically calling and sms, camera, calendar, a few games and radio. (I’m not too much into the multimedia and GPRS and hi-tech stuff, so suits me and my pocket fine.) I’ve had it since last February. No issues. I’ve dropped it into a bucket of water once, I’ve dropped it on the floor much less than my other mobiles, I’ve managed to have not too many scratches on it inspite of not having a cell-cover, and despite carrying it around in my jhola with a million other odds and ends, pointed and sharp and shiny. (But, now I think I ought to get a new one... I’m messing up my reputation of changing my cell-phone very few months and besides, the sound’s not too clear on my Moto...)

I know a lot of people complain that us kiddos and not-so-kiddos are glued to mobile phones. Now obviously, how do you expect us to stay away from the attractive applications in the cell-phone? We’re busy clicking away and ticking away, and when we’re not answering calls, we’re busy making them! It’s as if the person who’s far has come close and the people sitting right next to us are distant. Being at the receiving end quite a few times, I know how irksome and annoying it can be when your companion is busy on the mobile. (But Abba, this does not mean you glare at us when we so much as touch the phone! What when you answer 20 calls in a span of 10 minutes? We don’t grumble then!)

I know cell-phones should be used with prudence and discretion. But I can’t get over my habit of keeping the cell within reach at any time of the day (maybe coz I get lotsa sms and the moment I abandon the phone I miss several calls that I expected when I was holding on to it). At night, the last thing I see without my glasses is my cell for any new msgs, which is also the first thing I see in the morning, sooner than I open my eyes totally. And I also sneak a peek at the mobile screen several times in the dead of night for the same reason. Which cheeses off my parents (or rather used to; they’ve long realized they can’t help it and given up.) I earlier switched off my cell-phone in the night, but lost that habit as I had to be reachable at all times owing to, uh-uh, some reasons...

So, thank God for cell-phones. I don’t know what I’d do without them! Right from keeping me organized to keeping me connected to helping me pass time, my cell has emerged as the next important thing after my Vaseline lip-guard (maybe they tie at the same spot). I make notes in my calendar (Moto calls it datebook), and these range from reminders to pay bills, visit the parlor, buy groceries and stationery, even blog notes! Wise ideas that strike at odd times need to be recorded lest I forget the exact terminology and theme. (Waise I don’t forget things thanks to my excellent memory, but recording them externally helps keep my mind uncluttered and available for more urgent, pressing matters. I don’t exploit or waste my memory; and I value and respect it just like other precious gifts and prized possessions.) I’ve written full-length poems in my datebook application that saves 64 characters per page!

Why do I need to write so much? Well, I want to share my life. The laughs. The tears. The worries. The fears. (Wow! That rhymed!) Basically everything that occurred and was worth a mention. I told ya I’ve been writing Dear Diaries since childhood. Most of it was mundane stuff, chat conversations with friends and lovers, fights with family and hate notes to random folks. Almost all my books have their last couple of pages full of instantaneous scribbles, ideas and plans, short notes and poems. It all adds up to who I am today. Besides, you know how it is with Cancerians and memories. Crabs find hard to let go of people, memories and incidents. Being a Cancer-Leo cusp (a dirty, dirty combination!) you will find a host of things that connect me to my past. And I often take trips down the memory lane. In fact, this blog is precisely one of those endeavors where I can sit back when I’m older and read through all my rants and fantasies. (And your comments and compliments, of course!) But hey, this page will last, right?!!!

I find it extremely irritating when strangers don’t introduce themselves when they call. I mean why do you expect me to know who you are and what you’re talking about when you call me outta the blue and start raving about your last concert?!!! Doubly irritating is it when the caller asks for the identity of the receiver. I mean, hello?!! YOU have called so YOU teme who you are!
The same goes for sms-es without senders’ names. Grrr... I either waste my balance in trying to locate who they are, or I lose my patience and peace of mind in trying to recall who they might be! Simple phone etiquettes are history. I didn’t spare a thought when I read an article that said people no longer say “Hello!” when they answer the phone. I mean, if the caller and receiver know each other and their numbers, then a “Hi” or “Wasup!” is good enough... Or something else more casual and friendly. But this is an absolute no-no for people who call after ages! Guessing games suck!!!

What doesn’t suck are the variety of ringtones and caller-tunes doing the rounds. The baby laughs and songs are no more swanky. But there were a few incredible ones from Airtel and Vodafone that really took the cake. There was this one which says “wrong number, please check” and another where Nana Patekar in his highly imitable style screeches at callers, and another where ... Too many there, and more coming up as we speak...

So, the next time anyone calls me with a “guess whoooooooooo” tune, I’m gona say “boo to youuuuuu” and hang up. Ab aayega mazaaaa ;-) Hehehe...



Sibi said...

yes heads down to Mr.Alexander Graham Bell.i never knew how imp the cell was untill nov 12 last year n u know the reason y...anodr use o cell is tat it helps in stress bursting if ur cel is gud n also if ur luck is gr8.i bang my cell wen m angry n it redues the anger quiet a bit..nice post ya.have a nice day...

Unknown said...

Nice thoughts about cellphone..
I think new cellphone user manual should contain some tips to educate people about phone manners..
Hows the idea !!!!

I think i can take some credit of your thanking the people who invented it and happy that u loved motorola phone.( I hope u can figure out why i said that :) )

Princess said...

Agree with you, Sharath! Great idea!

Do you work with a cell-fone co? I can't think of anything else!!

Thanks for following and commenting on the blog!


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