Thursday, November 20

Nayee Taazee

Heylo lovely people!

Today's post is about updates, updates and a few more updates.

At work, we completed the survey we were sweating over last week, and presented it to the mngt folks. It was a tedious process - subjecting the data to all kinds of mathematical functions and analyzing it wrt various categories and slices. Now that it's done (not quite, coz my silly colleague goofed up and we need to do some rework, but anyway), I can't help remembering the effort we put in for our
college survey, and how delighted we were when we got an Outstanding grade for it! Cheers! Hope this organizational survey brings more business and erases our salary worries!

What is also very evident is that my boss has taken a keen interest in inviting me for most client meetings. She apparently wants to "nurture" me and help me "grow", and I'm hoping this works out for the best! I'm learning... and I'm enjoying the respect and involvement :-) Touch wood!

Spoke about
Pune Mirror a few days ago. Here's the latest - A Chinese group in the city says Pune has beautiful girls... (Tell us something we don't know, mates!) Hehe. So much for modesty! But well, I can be honest or modest... Take your pick!! Another article described in minute details how the cops chased and caught some dukkar-chors. We really seem famished for some action else pig thieves would not command an entire page, that too the very second one! And finally, another amusing one - in a Bihar fair, a vendor sold four samosas for a cool 10 grand! (He had to refund 9,990 when the foreigners complained, but watta pleasure for him - those precious 10 minutes!!!)

UTV or some channel is showing
Race next weekend - the 29th to be precise. I'm looking forward to watching it. As I shared in my review, the movie isn't as exquisite as it's rapid and stylish. But a good watch on a Saturday evening if you're at home and have some popcorn/munchies handy!

bro has returned from a vacation in Goa, and he's got back gigantic bottles of whisky and vodka. I'm salivating at the presence of Magic Moments Lemongrass & Green Apple, and pulling my hair at the prospect of watching the men in the family sipping away as I watch them helplessly... (That reminds me, some condom company has come up with a new Green Apple flavor; what's this new fixation about apples, anyway?)
Each day as I open my cupboard, I see the Tarot deck glaring at me. This hobby that I fervently pursued last year has now taken a backseat as the novelty has worn off and there are other things that are keeping me occupied...

Speaking about my cupboard, here is the craziest of the updates for the day. Can you guess HOW MANY
tops/T-shirts I have in there? 70... Freaking SEVENTY... (Not counting my kurtas and salwar suits, skirts and other ethnic/western wear.) I couldn't believe my eyes as I counted them. One fine day I decided I should arrange them so that I could see them all the same time and ease the attire-decision-process for the day. Out tumbled a few of my fav tops that I had given up for lost, but which had actually been pushed behind by the new ones... Akin the memory displacement theory we did at M.A level. Gosh, I need to do a better job at not repeating the same stuff in a month, if not two months!
Have completed around 175 pages of the Mahabharata. Cruised through Ekalavya and Drona's encounter, Duryodhana and Bheema's hostility and have reached the part where Karna challenges the Kaurava and Pandava princes in a duel. I feel so sorry for the poor lad; it's as if he was born for nothing more than pain and suffering. His birth was Kunti's way of testing a muni's boon, he was reared by a rath-driver (hence called sutaputra and Radheya) and he was turned away by rishis who refused to be his guru coz he was not a kshatriya. When he finally became Parasurama's disciple, he was cursed to forget all that he had learnt when he needed it the most coz he had lied about his caste. Disheartened when he returned home, he was cursed to death by a muni whose cow he killed by accident. I mean, WHY HIM??? By far, he is one of my fav characters for his mental strength and moral tenacity. But well, Fate just doesn't side with some people...

I'm not feeling particularly enthusiastic about anything these days. Shows in my blog, doesn't it? Guess midweek crisis has afflicted me. Lets join our hands in prayer and hope the weekend comes soon...

Until then...
Lonely Princess


Sibi said...

70 t shirts,oh my god tats enormous amount..sahi yaar.nhey it was nice to read the mahabharat bit.and also goin thru the mid week crisis is really frustrating.Pray for the weekend.U should really start writing novels or short stories or auto biography.n Don't worry bat publisher's..u l get many..

Biprashish said...

I guess girls create their wardrobe as if they are driving for war!!!( how very symptomatic).... much to the chagrin of us guys(who generally dont understand the basic need of one)... so much still to learn from the girls.(giggle-giggle).
One good samaritan act could be to just distribute the goodies to the lesser mortals, as the cupboard(also called wardrobe)gets full again very soon, with newer stuff(how magical it can be).....(I always had to plead(sometimes fight!!!)with my elder sister, for a teeny-weeny corner space in the cupboard, in our childhood.

Incidentally Karna is also one of my favourite characters in Mahabharat ( I intend to write a lot on him). I feel his character is a huge inspiration to anyone today.....his tenacity, ability to stand for his words,....its just awesome.... What a man!!!!


Sourav said...

"70 Tops" --- WOW !!!

What else can I say?

One more thing: I surely think as I have already said earlier in my old comments on your blog, that you should write some Novel or Short Stories. You have too much talent of engaging the reader to waste it on just a blog. Try reaching out to more people. Continue the blog but at the same time, try to start working on something more.

Keep writing. Cheers!

sumant said...

bossy...u can be a good critic. honestly u can be good competion to ravi masand of tv18..whther its channels or books or new stores or movies. ur reviews are analytical and interesting to read.

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