Saturday, November 8

Contemporary times, contemporary lessons

It’s laugh time, folks!!!
Mary had a little lamb... And the doctor fainted :-D
Anybody know another word for synonym? ;-)

Cool, eh?!!

What’s not so cool is that a salary cut has been announced at work. My activities, load and effort remain the same. In fact, it has become more stressful and busier than usual. It’s frustrating, depressing and revolting. I feel helpless. But what can one say? It’s the owner’s decision that’s final. I’m bonded labor. Junior in age and experience. (So what if my education and job-ex are relevant?!) What I would surely like to ask the ones in command is, is the pay cut across employees? Even the directors? (My guess is no). Besides, I’ve a thankless job. People will miss me and toil if I’m not there, but my presence isn’t assessed as crucial and insubstitutable. What a shame...

(In fact the latest on the block is that we have hired a tea-vendor coz the expenses on the creamer for making tea at work are not found "justifiable and legitimate"...)
(I wouldn’t be surprised if they started rationing out the drinking water after this.)Anyways, that and a couple of *other experiences* have led me to cull out a few lessons in life. *Other experiences* include the recent global financial crisis and its outcomes, episodes with friends and family, learnings over time, etc. Here they are :

1. I’m not the centre of the universe – people, decisions and events do not revolve around my existence.
2. Creating a place for oneself, building trust and relations needs effort. And that effort may not be acknowledged or appreciated.
3. My every condition, emotion, action and decision may not affect those I consider important.
4. Nothing/nobody is irreplaceable. People and tasks don’t wait, whatever the circumstances and consequences.
5. People might or might not understand my needs, dispositions, likes and dislikes. Even if they do, they may choose not to adhere to them.
6. To have no expectations is to have the best gift in the world.
7. I need not be top priority (or a priority at all!) in someone’s life.
8. If it needs to be explained, it really doesn’t matter what you say.
9. Just coz I like/need/love/respect someone, does not guarantee that he/she should reciprocate.
10. One always has time to do things one wants. If someone says he/she has no time, you know the activity isn’t important enough.
11. Nothing’s forever. Tears dry up, memories fade. Life goes on.

(Wah, whatta *shubh* number!)

(*My mum does most things in odd numbers, especially gifting money on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, etc. Not just my mom, all of India I believe. Particularly envelopes of Rs. 11, 21, 51, 101 and so on. So, by that tenet, we’re on track!)
(In these trying and hopeless times, I'm clinging on to any ounce of hope I can gather...)
It’s exam time for a few folks that I know (Hi Sibs, Nam and Dips!)

Be it GRE or ATKT (which indicates backlog, but I don’t know what the abbreviation means), students are gearing up with their texts and notes.

Dips sat with a glass of wine and forgot what she was to study, and Sibi has assured me he has located where his books are buried. Thankfully, Namrata seems more industrious and meticulous. But then, she was always the stickler even in BA!! Old habits die hard. And I’m all for it, Namz! All the best with your 35,000 English words. (And thanks for throwing in a pertinent compliment on that note!)

Best of luck, buddies! And don’t forget, we’re gona celebrate either way!
By the way, I saw two
men doing what they do best again today... *#^%*&^#(*%^
Luv Luck Laughter,


Unknown said...

ATKT = Allowed to keep terms!!!

Princess said...


You seem to have encountered them yourself one way or another ;-)

Hehe... Thanks for educating me!

Happy Weekend!

sumant said...

Hey Mornin...same things happen every whr bossy..just need to keep going. But trust me a good emplyee gets her due sooner or later..thr are eyes which keep watchin everytime..

have a gr8 weekend and all d best 2 ur exam frnds...say my hi 2 her. Howz her cousin and puppy?

Sibi said...

hey thanks a lot princess n all d best for the other two ppl who will be giving exams..hope v clear all our ATKT's.n i hope tat this is the last exam of my life.hey but wat were those two men doing?njoy writing and make us njoy too...byeeeee

Sourav said...

It's the same story in every damn company as of now.... Hope it improves soon.... Don't get disheartened... You will get back on track soon enough.... And one more thing, I totally agree with the line "Everyone is replaceable".

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