Saturday, November 15

Forgotten Fantasies

My mum’s forgotten how to cook like an angel. (I duno if angels can cook, but well if they could, and if they could do it well, then my mum sure would be in line with them; but as I said a moment ago - she's forgotten how to cook like she did earlier. Back to the post, minus my digressions...)

My dad’s forgotten he’s not a vine that is decreed to a life dependent on another entity. That his life is not merely one to enjoy selfishly and procrastinate.

My brother’s forgotten he’s not just a husband, but a son and sibling as well.

A friend’s forgotten he’s supposed to grow up and assume responsibilities.

A neighbor’s forgotten how pretty silence is.

The winter’s forgotten to arrive.

People have forgotten their blogs.

That love is the greatest gift of all, is forgotten.

That money is not forever, and that money is not the only solution, is forgotten.

Authors and directors have forgotten their originality and power.

Terrorists have forgotten the beauty of peace, unity and humanity.

Governments and politicians have forgotten they’re meant to serve their countrymen.

My eyes have forgotten they’re supposed to rest at night, and not just stare into nothingness and cry.

My hair has forgotten it is supposed to stay on my head, and not snap like there’s no tomorrow.

My lips have forgotten that they used to break into a smile for no reason ever so often. (They have also forgotten they aren't used to chipping/chapping - watever...)

My wishes have forgotten that they’re conceived to be fulfilled.

Relatives have forgotten that I’m young. That just coz I’m reliable, independent and resourceful, doesn’t mean I exist to take care of all their problems and plans, and mine, too.

I’ve forgotten the life that I lived before. With few worries and a few hundred dreams and desires. I’ve forgotten the ability to take off without arrangements and agendas.

I think I’ve gone from 21-51 in a span of 2 years. Seen it all, done it all. Been there, done that. My spontaneity and excitement are latent like never before. I feel like a cranky septuagenarian, so full of her own learnings and teachings, that everyone around me seems immature and imprudent.

I’ve forgotten that I disregarded shoulds and shouldn’ts, that I wasn’t always dying to be a perfect daughter, employee and lover.

I’ve forgotten my courage. I watch my step and consider all perspectives with a trained eye, before every action and decision.

I’ve forgotten that I can break free. The chains that bind my freedom are imposed and retained by me. I’ve forgotten the urge; I miss my strength and passion.

I make big things happen now. Coz I’ve forgotten the little girl within...

(Ahem... Guys and ladies, dontcha DARE forget my blog!)


(Kewl :-) The baby's happy!!!)



Sibi said...

ur mum forgot how to cook but she still cooks diff dishes even if she's tired on special occasions coz she's mum.ur father loves u may b doesn't show u.Time may have changed ur brother but he'l come back.ur friend will grow up n take his reponsibilities.he jus needs an eye opener.may b the neighbour jus found out how killing silence can b.let the heat inside u get out n u'l feel the slight shiver from the lovely wind tat flows in the night.people will never forget ur is indeed the greatest is never a solution tat could permanently finish off a is the need but v ppl have made it mo imp than other basic things tat let's us live a more peaceful life.If people like u take up to writing m sure the originality will be recovered.
Well there are many things u still remember n u'l never forget them.No matter wat life has given u but u always got wat u wanted.U r a stupendous writer with feelings which wen comes out in the form of words is so pleasurable to read.
Happiness is wat u deserve n remember u bound to b happy.jus let go the small things tat affect u.
Baaton baaton mein bhot kuch likh diya..
njoy..have a gr8 weekend

Princess said...

Thanks a ton, Sibi... That was your best comment till date! :-P

Really felt great after reading it, and I hope things turn out for the best!

Thanks again, pleasure reading this.


sumant said...

its been one of the best posts...really impressed by even sibi's comment..he is good..u guys r too good in putting ur words.. something comes to my mind after readin ur blog today..from the movie Forrest Gump

My mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

U awesome...keep writing

Sourav said...

"My eyes have forgotten they’re supposed to rest at night, and not just stare into nothingness and cry."


I personally feel there is a time in everyone's life when he/she feels bad about life in general and lot of other stuff. We tend to envy "grown-ups" when we are students seeing that they don't have to study and yearn for the student life to be over but when we start working and taking up responsibilities, we wish that we could forever remain students. So, it (i.e. our longing) keeps changing over the years. ]

It's just a matter of time when everything would fall back into place or you might stop caring so much. Can happen either way but I surely hope it's the former.

Take care and keep writing. Cheers!

@p@rn@ said...

very well written.. Keep writing..

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