Thursday, February 5

Luck By Chance

I merely had to say it, and it happened...

I watched Lucky By Chance yesterday. Some luck.

I mean I don’t know how to rate the movie. I hate to admit, but Farhan is a talented actor. I’ve
already spoken about his good sense of humor, but that does not alter the fact that he’s sore on the eyes and ears. If only he looked and sounded better, I’d praise him and his movies as much as I do Shahrukh and Amir!

The gifted Konkona enacts her bit as a struggling actor with panache, but Isha Sharwani (the white, anorexic female cast opposite Vivek Oberoi in Kisna) also has a meaty role. "Known for her stylistic and difficult dance performances” (as quoted by Wikipedia), Isha plays a newbie in the film industry dictated by her “crocodile in a shiffon saree” mum Dimple Kapadia, a famous yesteryear actress herself.

There are a few hundred other artists in cameo roles and guest appearances – Hrithik as a popular superstar, Rishi Kapoor as a booming producer,
Anil Kap’s bro Sanjay, but Juhi Chawla wins hands down for her spontaneous and believable characterization of a famous producer’s spouse. Those that received a few seconds of screen time include Abby Baby, SRK, Akshaye Khanna, Johny boy, Ranbir, Amir, Kareena, Rani, even Ronit “saas-bahu” Roy, and 15 others.

The movie belongs to Farhan, the Delhi-dude with big dreams in filmdom. As his guru rightly says, its about “being at the right place, at the right time”, and Karan Johar also shares his tuppence about how newcomers (who aren’t the producer’s or hero’s children) get their break in Bollywood (oops, I mean “Hindi fillum industry”, Dimple-ji.)

So, Farhan gets his chance by luck in a movie that superstar Zafar quits (though Hoarse-y doesn’t believe in luck, only hard work). In the bargain, he cozies up with his female lead and breaks his devoted girlfriend’s heart. The paparazzi has a gala time talking about his smart, ruthless and exploitative entry into the film-world. But all gila-shikwa is forgotten when the movie does wonders at the box office. As so many real-life performers say – life and destiny change every Friday.

I don’t know why but I consider this 155-minute movie a lesson in love for everybody. The lovey-dovey initial stages where everything looks so right and joyful, the intimacy and dependency grow, and finally, the depressing final phase where love is forgotten and selfishness abounds. Knowing when the relation has no hope of working out, and accepting that paths diverge, is one of the biggest and saddest decisions that have to be taken, and MUST be taken. Even though they give short-term grief, it is for the best of both in the long-term.

The music is great, but the lyrics aren’t too memorable. I absolutely loved Pyar Ki Dastan and Sapno Se Bhare Naina (
add to list!) And I also loved the scene where Konkona and Farhan celebrate Hoarse-y’s getting selected for the movie; Konk’s joy is SO authentic, and they’re SO comfortable with each other. Also when Konk’s single dream is shattered and she climbs on Farhan as he consoles and motivates her. Really touching...

Well, that’s about Luck By Chance. Not a superhit according to me, but the
movie is indeed “different” and honest. I’d give it an 8 on 10, and recommend all you folks to watch the climax, specifically the last 15-20 minutes. The dialogue between the lead actors is brilliant. And it is the perfect counseling session for all those who are, were or plan to be in a relationship. It’s not about “ME”, it’s about “US”. Always. All ways.

On that note, I must tell you the wedding season's here. Lotsa people, including a cousin and a friend, are getting married mid-Feb. I so want to go, but work won't permit. I wish all you knot-happy fellows an excellent and blissful life with your spouses!

Take care, and be safe!
Lonely Princess


Biprashish said...

Hi Princess,
Ur write up on Luck by Chance makes me willing to go & watch the movie....will do it over the weekend, perhaps.
You are is very mushy mushy & blissful at the inital stages...more because, both the boy & the girl are putting their best foot & face forward... however, gradually other factors take on centre stage & love does lose out to selfish reasons(wish it was not like that).
I agree with you, that though, sad, but its best to learn & move on....& even though there is grief, in the long run, I guess & hope, its evens out.
But each one of us, dare to love, cause its so divine & beautiful.


Sibi said...

Me not so lucky to watch d mvie yet.Dnt know will be able to see or not.But reading yo review is as good as watching the movie itself.
A new actor comes into pic most of the times wen a lead actor leaves a movie coz he/she thinks its not for him/her.And then a beginner takes up the role and does it proving himself.
Yes i kinda agree with u on the initial stages of love blissful and later stages it gets adulterated thing but not completly.A couple can live a very good fight free life its just a matter of trust and love.Love isn't something to regret later.Its pure,its the connection of two soul's.I have fallen in love only once and trust me there's nothing like it.Love rocks,Ya at times it makes u weep.But a hundred tears is ok in fronta the countless no of hapy times u get in return.

Darshan P. Mundada said...

Ohh.. So, you write reviews too.. Next time I want to choose a movie, I know whom to call.. :)

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