Friday, January 23

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Friday’s here, sweethearts. And this is a long weekend in India, courtesy our Republic Day. (Indians rejoice not coz of the significance of the day, but coz it’s a public holiday.)

I have written about patriotism twice I think (it was the review of
Aamir one of those two times, and a general rant the other time.) I don’t know if I have shared this with you before, but I feel proud and amazing when I see everyone standing up for the national anthem before a movie starts in the cinema hall. Something tingles inside to see the community respecting the national symbol as one!

I dreamt about animals last night. (Don’t get startled; I’ve had dreams wilder and more bizarre than this!) What kicked off the dream were two mighty elephants, grey-white, with long legs and massive ears. They were slipping backwards over a slight incline, and a rider on one was sliding down as well. (Slowly, fortunately for him.) But the situation wasn’t fatal; they all seemed in control of themselves.

I saw this as I was riding pillion with an old dame in a saree. (I don’t know who she was and what business of mine it was to sit behind her!) As we hit a dirt track, a lion started its hot pursuit of us. As the creature chased us at breakneck speed, I screeched to the grandma to go fast fast fast! And fast, she went. (Don’t know how she did it at her age!)

As I looked back, I saw a man wildly signaling to us to slow down and stop, but we thought he was out of his mind to give sucha foolish suggestion. When the lion was almost at our tail, I realized we had no scope of outrunning the beast, and so we might as well do the man’s bidding. Grandma hit the brakes, and wonder of wonders! The lion dashed past us. Seems like he just wanted a good race!!

(Hehe. Tells us we should think outside the box, and if we cannot, then we ought to give others’ ideas a chance.)

My dreams are as unusual as they are amusing. I once dreamt that I was sitting with Sunny Deol watching television, and I also dreamt that my school was inundated with snow!

I often see my school and schoolmates in my dreams. (Had anyone else said the same to me, I’d have expressed that there could be some
psychological or unresolved issues during the said period. But, that ain’t true for me as far as I know.) I have seen Radhika and Neha a million times, as I have Kunal and a few others. It’s true I was very attached to all these people, but by no means do I have anything to share with them that I haven’t already.

I just wish my schooldays had been more cheerful and memorable. Didn’t enjoy being teased about my skin color and specs... Now, of course, when they look at me, I see the appreciation and admiration in their eyes about the person I‘ve become. The perfect story of the ugly duckling becomes pretty swan. (I said pretty,
NOT beautiful!)

Well, that’s that about dreams. In real life, I’m currently struggling with “Organizational Restructuring”. Some client request. Hope it doesn’t turn out like the Performance Appraisal Review Meeting, where all my mammoth research and effort appears to have gone waste as the client absconded after hearing the commercials.

Come to think of it, Indians want the best stuff at paltry prices. Alchemy is by no means low-priced, and neither was inlingua, one of the most expensive language institutes in the city, where I worked as a language trainer for 2 years. Independent of the fact that I have been a loyal employee who enjoys her work, the truth is both deliver quality. And quality comes at a cost.

(Not like a few other language coaching schools I know that charge half as much and teach the beginner and advanced levels simultaneously! I mean what da #^$% ??!!! How can you learn the vowels and perfect tenses at the same time?!!)

I keep getting the news from inlingua that a lot of instructors keep coming and going. (Tough to last when one surrounded by politics.) But what’s in the news, the papers I mean, is the adverts of some training firms that have adopted inlingua’s yellow-black scheme – like Seed Infotech, and another one, I think it was Yellowbox. I still tend to think of my last workplace as my own... The ironies of life!!

Apart from work, what’s happening in my life at the moment, is dealing with the electronics in my home. Gifted my parents a Philips juicer-mixer-grinder (
as I’d told you) for their anniversary, and bro gifted them cell-phones. Dad bought a new bread toaster recently, and we’ve been planning to get a plasma TV for ages.

Hey, have you been watching Roadies? The one episode I’ve seen since they started their journey was where Rannvijay (whatta dude, man!) poses Hindi mindbenders, and the ladies have to answer, failing which the guys get whacked on their
balls. Uh uh. “Immunity” in the game at what cost?!! Oh, and the money task was to collect shit from all across the desert. The Roadies managed to gather cartloads of excreta – animal, and even human. With their bare hands. Ughhh...

I must say I’m disappointed with the lot. None of the contendors seems to have the “zing” factor that makes a Roadie a Roadie – Polomi, Varisha, Palak, Devarshi, Suzzana, Pradeep, Kiri, and other punters whose names I don’t even recall... All duds. No winning streak unlike
Prabhjyot and others in the previous seasons.

Talking about TV shows, did you know about this cartoon character called “Hagemaru”? He looks Japanese, and I’m so sure they did not consider the Hindi translation of the name... (For the uninitiated, it means something on the lines of “shit and hit”. Gross, I know. I remember chatting with my friends when Skoda Laura was launched. How Indians wouldn’t buy that car coz it sounds like the male organ in Hindi...)

Enough chat for the day... Time to sign out! Have a great weekend! See ya Tuesday!

Bharat Mata Ki... Jai!


Amrita Nawal said...

Well junk dreams are always better dan no dreams princess.
Well No clue y mammoths are striking streaks in ur mind.. kya khati hai dinner mein ???
And ya raghu did upset meee wid da last drama of hits and misses on dat private domain of all pantars.
In fergi I never realized, but u seem to be close to me and has got full POTENTIA to be my goodie frnd.
Jai Ho for the organization jiska restructuring tereko saunpaa gaya haii.
This iz Aami Folks

vishal said...

hey Anuja,
no comments on this post this time but ur blog is so addictive man..n the posts as well..yeah let me share my joy with you,fellow blogger.I just got a call to join as a teacher in a college teaching Economics..guess,im hyper with joy that's why cant comment on da blog.
god bless u

Princess said...

Wow, Vishal! That's great news! Heartiest congratulations!

Wish you all the best, and do keep commenting, Mr. Teacher!!


Unknown said...

hey anuja
Guess you saw MTV roadies and Discovery back to back that would explain you pillion riding on an elephant and going downwards on animals..... man this is hilarious !!! you just made my day!!! I wonder what the ranavijay of MTV would say of this.... say we send him the link????

Moral of the story.... stop surfing channels so much!!!!

happy holidays !!!!

Princess said...

Would that help him dump Anusha, Ranu? Coz if dat wud, m game!!

I actually don't like Discovery too much; prefer Travel & Living. Have you read my post on their show about funky loos around the world??!!!

Hope all's well with ya :)


Biprashish said...

Dear Princess,
I must've asked at least 100 different people today, both in Mumbai & Delhi.....what is the significance of 23rd January..... barring two people, non had an answer. Surprisingly, even your blog did not have a mention!!!!(maybe I had too much of expectation)......
Guess that is the influence of moden times on the current generation, that each one of us has completely forgotten the Birthday of one of the greatest Leaders of Indian Freedom Movement...Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose!!!!
While we all have time for so much of masala information, we choose to ignore the contribution of our real Heroes..... who laid their lives selflessly to enable us a free India to live in..... My head hangs out in shame.
If you think it is of some worth, then do read my blog on this....& encourage others to read it as well....
I look forward to support from intelligent & sensitive people like you to make a mission successful. If I am being harsh, do pardon me as I am completely aghast with my experiences on this.

Jai Hind !!!

Princess said...

Hi Bips,

I'm sorry I didn't know that. How would the ordinary public? All we know is 2nd October which is Gandhi Jayanti - that too coz its a public holiday...

Guess there should be a notice for important bdays... Otherwise, the list is just too vast to remember... Hell, people don't even remember the bdays of their friends and family!

I shall surely read ur blog. Thanks for letting me know!


Shubhada said...

hi Anuja,
thanks for ur comment on my blog.
ya, Pune is not that bad after all!

& i must say that ur blog makes a really interesting read.. :)
loved this post!

keep up the gr8 work..


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