Friday, January 9

Desi Baba, Pardesi Degree


I was going through my Facebook and Orkut profiles recently, and I noticed that my friends list consists of folks who have mostly completed their education abroad. We all grew up together in the same school, college or geographical location. And now, they have a phoren-return tag to their names. Whatta feel-good factor!

It’s amazing the number of peers I know who have all gone out of India to get their degree. Makes me wonder whether India is capable of good academic education. Apart from the IIMs, what do we have to retain and coach students within the country?

I know those that are pursuing special and technical subjects may benefit more from going abroad, as they have more developed sciences and institutes. Moreover, their training is more practical and handy. Besides, the experience enriches an individual as a person and professional. A win-win every way.

Indeed, going abroad to study is a wonderful experience. I, myself, wished to do the same, but I was too sissy as far as the loan part was concerned. Money has always been a sensitive issue with me. Why? Some other time...

What irks me, is that unlike the past when only brilliant and meticulous individuals could aspire to enter into foreign universities, today there is no such restriction. Foreign universities are inducting students in thousands, and all they ask for is a 60% or equivalent grade and the ability to pay enormous tuition fees. Mind you, this is not a sweeping statement, I know of students who have won amazing scholarships and made their country and family proud with their achievements.

However, the fact remains. More than half the bunch go abroad without even being able to speak proficient
English. Is that a necessary parameter? I don’t know. But it sure sounds weird when my acquaintances and friends return from the US and Europe and struggle to express their feelings in words.

Anyway, let me not give you the impression that I hold something against the foreign-educated folks. I sure appreciate their effort. And I wish them well now that the recession is taking its toll on job placements and handsome pay packets.

Talking about jobs, mine is going pretty well. We had a student interaction at a management institute on the outskirts of the city, and though the session went very well, I doubt whether they would be requiring our services. Looks like they were primarily interested in English language training, and we were offering them an entire bouquet of soft skills like assertiveness, teamwork and the like. While we were looking at preparing them as a complete and efficient professional, they were focusing more on language needs. Fair enough. As MBAs without domain expertise, they would have greater need of talking and convincing in English rather than showing their innovative and collaborative streak.

Apart from that we’re doing very well; we have about 10 clients in the kitty. Impressive, eh?! What could perhaps be rated as or more impressive is the rising number of posts on my blog!! From 16 in 2007 to 103 in 2008, and 6 already... Jolly good, what say?!!

However, I must confess, I don’t know what I’m writing these days. I think I need a long, huge break. From what I’m not sure, but I need to do something different. I need to start living differently... Any ideas??
(Ya, I know I mentioned I
want to learn Spanish and the salsa, but what's the use unless I have a full-time partner who can showcase the results with me? Can't talk or dance alone, right?!!)Good day!
Lonely Princess


vishal said...

though it's a very good experience,i believe education in india is a very gud has given me international exposure..yeah,from an indian's a very gud thing to go n study in foreign india doin damn well..yo..keep writing..poems..fergie or arranged marriage,live-in rel..wide range of topics,ur stand on dis crazy world as a psychologist..

Sibi said...

Many of my friends also went abroad for further edu.Some for studies realy and some coz they had enuf money tat their father cud risk sending them even tho they are in a D Grade Uni.Studies in India is realy advanced.Y do we have to compare India with USA or with any country as a matter of fact.Its realy hard to digest tat max techies in foreign MNC's are Indian.Y don't serve yo own country?Ya i know money matters.
So coming back to the point,I agree with u tat ppl who speak fractured english also can go out to study.I have seen some cases,wudn't like to mention it here.Anywaz India is great in all respects.Period..
Hope u get a dancing partner soon....

Princess said...

Hey Sibs,

I remember you telling me about dat prof in D.Y.Patil College who used to say "Why Jean?" instead of "Why are you wearing jeans?" ;-) Kuch aur bhi tha na? Something like why late or "where are you" instead of "where were you, why are you late?!!"

In school, we had this Math prof who used to say "Open the doors of the window and let the atmosphere come in" and "Make a circle of any shape"... Goddd!!! How we used to laugh!!

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