Monday, January 12

World Cuisines - I

Heya foodies!

This is for all of you who love their chow. (The rest may please excuse; this post may not reflect too well on your weighing scale and peace of mind!)

We spoke about
colorful cocktails last time. And considering one can’t go on on liquids alone, here’s the solid stuff!

But hey, before I start telling you about the types and ranks of various cuisines, leme make sure the meaning and pronunciation are in place. (Sorry, can’t let go of my
English training fixation.)

Wiki tells me that “cuisine” is a French term (earlier derived from the Latin coquere = "to cook") is a “specific set of cooking traditions and practices, often associated with a specific culture”. defines it as “cooking; a characteristic manner or style of preparing food”. (Interested in translations? It’s cocina in Spanish, and die Kochkunst in German.)

I cringe when I hear people trying to use the word to create an impression, but fall flat on their faces because they pronounce it incorrectly. It’s “kwi-zeen” (with the emphasis on the second syllable). Bear in mind. Please.

The internet has a mass of information on world cuisines in general and individual cuisines in particular.
This page on wiki gives an exhaustive list of fare around the globe, and I am not going to waste energy in duplicating the entire effort. (I was always a “smart” worker, hard-work is so passé.)
You may want to check
this page by Dave Emery where he rates the different gastronomical delights and also has attractive snaps put up for you to drool over. His top 10 are French, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Spanish, Greek, and Lebanese. Another person who calls himself “travel authority” Mr. Howard Hillman has given his list that is more or less similar, with Chinese at number one, Japanese and Spanish superior to Thai, and Moroccan, Turkish and Indonesian instead of Mexican, Greek and Lebanese.

Australia and America don’t figure in Hillman’s list of tastiest food-makers. Yet, junk food (=American fare) is a big hit in India. Be it burgers or fries at McDonalds or their lovely pies and salads.

Talking about salads, my boss is on a diet. She was sharing with me how her doc has suggested she eat no chapati (=roti, also called Indian bread - hate calling it that!) and rice, in addition to following a strict regimen of egg whites-salads-vegetables. (
I shudder at the thought! Not only do I love rice, but a life without sweets and confectionaries is for me a life gone waste... Poor diabetics! I feel sorry for you... Oh, for you too, boss.)
So, what are your favorite kwizeens? Mine is... (uh uh... guess I should say ARE... I love food!) The list incorporates Indian (that’s Punjabi, South Indian, Maharashtrian, Marwari... and of course, the Indian Chinese), Italian and Thai. I’m not too fond of Mexican or Greek, but they’re OK for a change. I’m not too sure what French, Spanish, German cookery constitute, but I’m willing to try them all. As I always say, “you should try everything in life once – except drugs”.
(To tell you the truth, Japanese dishes scare me, but I’ve heard their sushi is worth dying for!)
Will share my favorite foodstuffs tomorrow! Hold your breaths, and tighten your belts!!

And while I’m still on the topic, let me tell you that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As the saying goes, you should “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, sup like a pauper”. This means that to promote good health, one should begin the day with a large breakfast and consume progressively smaller amounts with each successive meal.
(Unfortunately, I do not have breakfast at all coz I can’t spare effort and time to eat in the morning. But you guys must listen! It’s for your own good!)
And keep away those junkies. Feast on greens, fruits and proteins. I don’t know much about the Atkins and other diet plans, but I sure know that exercise and regular meals help!

(Muh mein raam, bagal mein chhuri – I myself sit and punch at the computer all day without exercising one penny, and I gorge on sweets and snacks. And it IS taking a toll on my abdomen; miss my modeling days when I could eat all I want and still carry off a flat stomach that was complimented as Salma Hayek abs!!)


Happy munching, anyway!


Sibi said...

Hi Princess..Good to see yo blog the first thing wen i switch on my PC everyday..Kwizeen..Hmm.I never say this word simply coz i do not know the exact pronunciation of it.But now tat u made things easier for me,I guess i l start saying this word mo often..Talking bat food,m a real foodie as u know.I like everthing from simple daal chawal to yana sizzlers.and of not to mention our own Indian Chinese as u described it..Looking forward to tomorrows post.It will be mouth watering for sure..Have a good monday and a nice week ahead.

Princess said...


Aaj subah subah kaise comment?? Seat change kya ;-)

Good day!



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