Tuesday, January 6

Fatafat Updates

Busy times are on, fellas! Its been ages since I checked out the blogs that I follow, inspite of seeing new posts on my dashboard everyday. Soon, soon...

So much to say, and not enough time to say it all. So let me sum it up this time.

Slumdog Millionaire is a brilliant movie as proclaimed by public reviews and personal friends. The movie, based on Vikas Swarup’s Q & A, is being dubbed in Hindi as Slumdog Karodpati, a trusted source has informed me. Cheeky, but true. I hope it's not all hype-no substance like his
Six Suspects novel.

My convocation is tomorrow. And I’m not very enthused. Why? Because Pune University has not acknowledged
my excellent grades, nor has the Department of Psychology appreciated me officially. While the teachers and staff have congratulated me heartily, my efforts shall not receive the reward that they yearned for... My mum’s a gold-medalist in Psychology. The daughter will not receive the same distinction despite the best grades in the history of the dept... Life, oh life...

A friend has been enlightening me about the intricacies of birthday bumps and ragging. (Being a girl, and an Arts/Psychology student, I have not personally experienced how ragging works except in books and movies.) I was told all kinds of outrageous stuff juniors need to do on the bidding of their senior students. (I can’t put it all down here for fear of being flagged, but trust me it’s shocking. Guys are made to do everything right from stripping in public to doing weird things to genitals – their own as well as others’.) Eekss....

And birthday bumps are equally bad. Kicking a guy till he cries hoarse and whimpers over his pains is not my idea of an ideal celebration. The excuse apparently is, “to let him know what a burden he is on earth.” And who decides that? Humphh...

Here’s some delightful news – I’ve stumbled upon the perfect solution to all my dressing concerns. A brown, extra large top that works well as a T-shirt in itself, or a sweater worn over a smaller top. It looks fantastic, and it feels fabulous. Way to go!! How I wish other difficulties in life had such simple answers as well...

News you can use – Size 0 is actually waist 23. Now did you know that? I didn’t. But I sure know that Kareena Kapoor looks anorexic and ill. I have NO clue why people find her hot. To me, she is nothing but supercilious and conceited. I will go as far as to say that she did not merit the acting award in Jab We Met; Shahid was way better than her, and probably more deserving as well.

The first volume of
Menon’s Mahabharata is approaching the closing stage. I am currently reading the Virata Parva, which is less than a 100 pages, and tells about the Pandavas’ hidden year in exile - Ajnatavasa. If discovered in this period, they would have to spend another 12 years in banishment.

previous section had some amazing tales revolving around Yudhishtira, the son of Dharma. How he answers the riddles of Nahusha and the yaksha, how he yearns to seek revenge even as he treads the path of dharma. Equally interesting was the story of Duryodhana, who decided to kill himself as he was shamed by a gandharva, and the Pandavas who rescued him. I was not aware that Uma and Siva created Duryodhana, and I was further flabbergasted by this statement spoken to Dury – “Above the waist, your body was made by Mahadeva out of impenetrable vajras, and below the waist, the devi herself made your form from flowers of heaven to please the women of earth”. Ahem... Did people REALLY talk like that in the bygone days?!!

I’m eager to watch
Ghajini again. Haven’t had my fill of movies just yet!

Say, anybody know how’s Twilight and/or Breaking Dawn? I’m planning to read Stephanie Meyer, but can’t decide which book would be better. Any other recommendations are also most welcome. You
ARE reading, right??

And hey, here are a few other questions that I’ve been ruminating upon:
Why do guys shake their legs when seated?
Why do footballers wear socks till their knees?

men-centric queries... So men, please oblige! But I sure would like to hear what the women have to say to this!! ;-)

Take care!


The Wandering Gypsy said...

Hey! My first time here and I like the blog :)Btw, where do you study? I'm studying in Symbiosis...I'm blogrolling you and becoming your follower..

Princess said...

Thanks TWG! I finished my MA in Psychology from Pune Univ. Currently working with a mngt consultancy that is into training and diagnostics...

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