Thursday, January 22

Yaari Hai Imaan Mera, Yaar Meri Zindagi

Ye Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge...
Todenge Dum Agar... Tera Saath Na Chhodenge...

Awrite awrite.. I know Friendship Day’s a long time away. And before you charge me with plagiarism and
copycat-ism, let me tell you the above’s the maha-popular song from Sholay (The original, not the maha-bhayanak Aag by RGV)

By the way, quoting one is plagiarism, quoting many is research!! (Don’t remember who said that, but read it somewhere recently while searching for quotes on presentation skills.)

Here’s the innovative dough now... By yours truly!

Your smile’s like the sunshine,
That streams in through the cold, winter morning;
It warms my heart and soul, and feels like new desires dawning.

Your care’s like the river serene,
That gurgles enthusiastically
And fills me with pleasures umpteen.

Your voice is the elixir
That brings me back to life,
It multiplies my joys and guides me through times of strife.

Your touch is the fragrant breeze,
That flows over flowers bright and fine;
Every move of yours makes me feel you’re mine.

When we’re together, time flies,
Hand in hand we walk,
Our chats nutty and wise.

Nature’s every bounty reminds me of you,
You’re my companion,
So loving and true.

Ages may come and ages may go,
Wherever we might be,
Our memories will only grow.

When I see down the years,
Once you and I are old,
A single look back in time, and the pages of nostalgia unfold...

Camaraderie ki Jai!

Buh-bye buddies...

1 comment:

vishal said...

absolutely beautiful..a well-thought poem which enrich our respective lives to the's all about being happy n joyful and it reflects in your day,ma'am...
love the songs another one..bane chahe dushman zamana hamara salamat rahen dostana hamara.....diye jalte hai,phool khilte hai baari mushkil yaaron duniya mein dost milta hai..HAPPY FRIENDSHIP..everyday is a friendship day..

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