Friday, January 2

Future Management

Hellllooooo readers!

Welcome to the new year, and welcome to the same old me here...

Is it really the new year? Nothing seems to have changed much (except the date of course!) As far as I can see the rest looks still the same. I’m back at work doing the same stuff I did before, riders are still
honking madly like they did last year, and more or less everything else looks unchanged.

New Year’s Eve seemed subdued this year. Pune was agog with rumors of terror attacks during the last couple of weeks, but thankfully nothing went wrong. I escaped the party scene to ring in 2009 at Mahabaleshwar (Mabi, as it’s popularly known) - my favorite favorite holiday destination close to Pune... Thanks to the pretty marketplace and Aseem’s hospitality at the Savoy.

2008 has been bad. Real bad. For most of us. Personally, professionally and in a lot many ways. Let’s hope 2009’s better. Can’t get any worse anyway!

jyotish (=astrologer) says the stars are ripe for my wedding anytime between 2009-2011. I’m not too sure when, but I sure hope tying the knot loosens my connection with strife and sorrow.

Met an old friend 2 days ago. With him came this immensely irritating chap who refused to shut up and to make matters worse, he refused to speak in anything but English (atrocious English at that, which completely drives me bonkers!) To complicate things further, he was describing another chap as boring... I really think that people who call others a bore should first jhaank in their girebaan and see how pakau they themselves are... Whew. Thank god I had to get home early!

Any resolutions this year, mates? I’m chewing over silence and forgiveness, but only time will tell how successful I will be at these endeavors. Right now, I’m on the hunt for something exciting and interesting. Naah, not professionally. Work-wise I’m still with Alchemy, and the going seems mighty challenging, what with my colleagues being relieved and a
lot more business in the offing. It’ll sure get lonely and difficult at times, but I’m sure it’s all for the best!

I told ya sometime back
why some folks suffer and why some don’t. I’ve acquired some more info... this time about what’s drawing near in the coming years and decades...

Anybody in here wants to know the future?

(Don’t teme I didn’t warn ya...)

Kalyug (or kali yuga) is a bad, bad time as all of us know. Fathers are raping their daughters, servants are stealing from their masters, people who should protect others are exploiting the weak... And things will only get worse from here...

It’s ordained by
Fate. It’s written in the scriptures and passed on since forsaken times. When Markandeya rishi related ancient tales to the Pandavas in exile, he told them about this last yuga in dreadful terms. How money will become the yardstick for power, and how leaders will become selfish and corrupt. People will flee to the forests and mountains as the cities will burn with malevolence and conflict. Just like the bygone days, fruits and roots will become staple diet, until they last.

And then there will be a drought. Not a single drop of water for 100 long years. All living things will perish. What use will our zillion comforts be when the throat is parched and dry?

Shiva will then appear in his Rudra roop and create 7 massive suns that will scorch the earth. Everything will burn, it will all be over.

Over? Not yet. Now is the time for water to kiss the globe again. And kiss it will. With torrential rains that will drown the surface.

And even as this occurs, all will be silent again. Floating on a leaf, God will appear in the form of a baby sucking his blue toe, and with him will be Bramha, who shall create it all again...

This fable had me petrified, and I found myself praying to pass away years before this disaster occurred. My mother, ever the devil’s advocate, tactfully reminded me that I would only be reborn again... Hmm... Maybe... Unless my prayers don’t make me one with the Paramatma Himself! (Big words, eh?! I’m hoping... Ain’t a crime!) And even if I’m reborn, I’m wondering if a camel’s life would be a good one...

Other stories by Markandeya that sounded fascinating were that the Fire God loved Svaha. This explains why during yagnas, when the pandit chants the matras, you are urged to say “Swaha” while making your offering to Agni deva! And ever questioned why the moon and stars are so close? Coz Soma Deva (the moon god) fell in love with Tara, the wife of Brihaspati... Cool, eh?!!

Time to go. Happy new year again, people.
Hope all your (decent) dreams get fulfilled soon!



Sibi said...

First of all lemme wish u very haapy new year princess.I hope this new year brings a lot of happiness in yo life n jus take away all yo sadness and sorrows..kalyug is really bad.I rembr the odr day u tld bat water goin to finish.God save us.I am ur fan n keep writing...have a wndrful wknd..

Biprashish said...

Hi Princess,
Lovely expressions on Markandeya Rishi's story telling to Pandavas... I sincerely wish each one of us reads our ancient scriptures(at least a bit of it), as its a rich storehouse of brilliant knowledge.....
& U dont need to be petrified with the mass destruction ahead(at the end of Kaliyuga) its all a part of Maya...we all will be a part of it & will experience it according to our chill & do well as you regularly do.....cause that's in your control...why worry or fret about something that is not in your control at all???? I've written some bit abt Kaliyuga on my read am sure they will interest you.

Let's hope the prediction of your Jyotish comes true & you find your true love & tie the knot....You should be a good home maker.....we need many of them in our world today to ensure that our society is happy & peaceful & thriving.....
Wish you a wonderful year ahead....
Luv & wishes

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