Thursday, January 8

Vidya Nishnaat speaking

(Naah, that's not some new friend I've met. It's the Marathi translation of Master of Arts. Cool, eh?!!)

Ye galiya ye chaubara, yaha aana na dubara... Ab hum toh bhaye pardesi... Ke tera yahaan koi nahiiii....

This old parting song comes to my lips as I begin this post, coz I am now formally out of the University! Done with education, and there's no going back... At least not to the PUNE Univ...

Time for some news...

The dusky babe who made the dark-wheatish skin color fashionable, none other than the sultry Bipasha Basu, has turned 30. I am not too fond of her, (her lips look weird) but I certainly find her much better than the fair-brigade that have acting skills of a hippopotamus.

You all sure have heard/read about Satyam by now. After the World Bank barred them for 8 years, (and a host of other events in between like Directors renouncing their posts) Ramalingama Raju has resigned and confessed his role in the terrific fraud that underlies the IT company. It's share price has fallen from 140 bucks to 40, (Sensex is affected, too) and their auditor PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) is facing enquiry. A massive 7000 crores! Whew... I know how many zeroes that has, but I wish I knew just how people carry off these enormous scams!

Our Muslim bhai-log are celebrating Moharram today. It's a bank holiday, so a lot more others are cheering, too. (Including my Dad, as the Stock Exchange abides by all the bank holidays.) Lucky, lucky!

I read about this disease called De Quervain (also called washerwoman's sprain or mother’s wrist, Wiki tells me) in yesterday’s
Pune Mirror. Apparently, this condition “is an inflammation of the sheath that surrounds two tendons that control movement of the thumb.” In simple terms, your thumb starts paining due to extreme use. And it appears that this syndrome is more common in women... (We poor souls! What with having to run around and do all those chores you men disregard! Sniff...)

Wiki further says that symptoms include pain, tenderness, and swelling over the thumb side of the wrist, and difficulty gripping. (Fear not, coz pain can occur in the normal individual, but if severe, DeQuervain's is likely.) Pain will be located on the thumb side of the forearm about an in inch below the wrist. How this happens is all you young fellows type and text too much, be it the comp/lappie or your
cell-phone. You’re merry while the tick-tick-tap-tap occurs, and at the end of the day, you are left nursing your wrist and thumb that have suffered the onslaught of your vigorous acts. So beware! And keep taking regular breaks to loosen up and exercise your limbs. Nahi maanoge toh pacchtaoge bacchu!!
Now that you’re educated and my social duty is done, I can commence upon my favorite topic – ME!!! I am now
officially a Master of Arts as declared by the University of Pune, the Chancellor and his coterie. Though my aggravation at not being honored was titanic, (further fuelled by my batch-mate who asked if I had won the gold medal as I was the department topper) I managed to sport a smile as me and some friends took some pictures in the customary black gown and cap, holding our degree certificates.

How I wish our
convocation was as grand and ostentatious as the Symbiosis event. Saw hordes of students walking past Hanuman tekdi, clad in their regal black robe and ribbons in blue, red or yellow. All smiling and cheerful. (Obviously, they didn’t have to wear smelly, used clothing with shared headgear that reeked of oil and dandruff.) But well, it’s all for the best. Leme see if I can share the pictures with you when I get them next week.

The pleasing bit of news this week, is that a wonderful lady at my ICICI bank home branch said I have a sweet voice! Can you believe that?!! Some things I shall never believe. One is that I am beautiful (Sibi has broken his head a million times trying to convince me), and the other is this.

I wonder how so many people mistake my voice for my mum’s on the telephone. She has the most melodious voice on earth, and while I’m not too hoarse and raucous myself, I sure cannot be compared with her in a hundred years. Can’t even dream to. I know I’m attractive, and I know I can sing decently well. Say anything beyond that, and I’ll laugh on your face. Period.

This is weird, but I'm missing my Jaipur trip the last few days. Out of the blue. Naah, not the HSBC program one for work, but the other tour I made with family in Dec '07.

When and where will I go next, Travel devta?!!

You guys stay right here, and come back for more tomorrow!



vishal said...

hey congrts 4 beind a master of arts..though we've hardly interacted wid each other in fergie except a few times..must say u carry urself rather well,has a lovely not to say a sexy voice..yeah ur beautiful..yup,its a genuine compliment not 4 effects..accept it gracefully..
care n do comment n my blog..

Sibi said...

Love the way u start off yo blog ya...Kya tashan hai tumhara..Amazing...
"much better than the fair-brigade that have acting skills of a hippopotamus."Just can't stop laughing yaar..But i hate Bipasha Basu.
Satyam ka asatyam ho gaya.How do ppl accumulate guts for fraud of sucha huge amt ya..But its still 3 times lesser than the fraud done by fraud king Telgi.God save the world.A friend of mine told me the other day tat buy as much shares as u can of satyam coz 1.u wnt get them at sucha low price agn.2.They have the FIFA world cup 2010 proj with them.I dnt know how much he's rite or his knowldge.But satyam will never shut dwn tats wat i think..
And now i l start my fav topic.See u told u r mistaken for yo mum on fone and u say tat she has the most melodius voice.So princess tell me wat does tat prove?It shows tat u have a very sweet voice.And u r not only beautiful but THE most beautiful wmn.Have a nice day...

Princess said...

Thanks you guys...

Sibi ki toh aadat hi hai meri tareef karna ;-) thanks for ur consistency, Sibs!

And Vishal, I don't think you have a blog on this forum. What's the link?

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