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Tuesday, November 11

These are a few of my favorite things - Part II

We finished till L yesterday. And here we go again...

Movies, Music and Marshmallows - Not in any order. I luv ‘em all and I luv ‘em to bits. In the movie, sitting for a couple of hours, immersed in the plot, feeling the character’s dilemmas and emotions (sans the pressure to make decisions and the anxiety to make things right). Of course, the songs in Bollywood movies can get on your nerves at times, but, one can’t complain coz that’s the USP of the domain. And music? Anything EXCEPT rock. Quite surprising, eh? It’s true. As I explained in an
earlier post. The loud beats rip my brain. And marshmallows, they’re good timepass. Chewy, cottony pieces in pretty pink and white (by a brand called Black & Gold, so together they cover up around 20 shades in the spectrum). Unfortunately, we don’t get them in Pune apart from at Dorabjee’s. And they burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, all the above do! Multiplexes charging 200 bucks for front row seats and CDs that cost a bomb! But... chalta hai, once in a while...

Nostalgia – Thinking about old times and reminiscing about events gone past is sucha pleasure! (Not when someone else just doesn’t stop yakking about “what I did before marriage” and “how popular I was in college”). Sharing lives and reflecting about how one has spent his/her years is a great way to kill time, and also to make it come alive!

Optimism – Not the stupid, unreasonable type... If one holds a positive and hopeful outlook in life, and if one has the ability and confidence, nothing is impossible. Difficult, maybe, but unattainable, uh-uh... (To be honest, I dislike pessimism more than I like optimism, coz practicality is my pet fixation. But, didn’t find anything that went with O, so...)

Popcorn. Yummm... A movie’s incomplete without one. Be it the large size or the bucket fantasy, caramel popcorn’s my pick. (Salted and cheese do just as well, too). And a coke or iced tea to wash it down. And the baby’s happy!

Quizzing – About movies and songs, books and cartoons. (Nope, not history and politics for sure.) Had an awesome time playing Dumb-charades with my MA gang during our
Vellore trip. And also when we have a party or get-together and we have all these fun games...

Reading – My bookshelf’s my pride, my passion. I love to read authors Indian and foreign. Comedy and mysteries. Fiction and magazines. Your best companion for life. Give me a good book and I can spend entire days and weeks rejoicing over its contents and style. If you’ve read my blog enough, you’d know what I mean... Hit books in the labels or search section and you’ll come across my reads and reviews in the last 1+ year. And my Shelfari bookshelf that gives you a peek of my reads.

Sleeping – Going to sleep after a hard day at work. Hitting the covers without sparing a thought to whether you’ve washed, changed or eaten. Clicking the snooze button as the alarm blasts in the morning. Not being able to open your eyes as dawn breaks and birds twitter. Wow... Bliss... Most people wouldn’t deny that some of their best slumbers have been in the theatre with the AC full blast and the comfortable seats! Sleeping like a log beats anything else you do in the day. A quick nap can refresh you and a deep slumber can put to rest all your worries and stresses. 8 hours recommended daily. Enjoy your 40 winks.... And if you need help, a shot of Karzzzzzzz should ease your miseries in no time!

Thums Up – Yes, the very same soft drink which hurts the throat. But my style is to get rid of the fizz and top the glass with peanuts. It tastes SO good, ummm.... A sip of the flat drink and a mouthful of wet, soggy nuts, sip and a bite, a sip and a bite... Cheers!

Undo – Now silly may this sound, the “undo” option is one of my saviors. There’s stuff I delete without quite realising it, and were it not for this brilliant concept, I would end up rewriting and redoing a million things. Ctrl+Z to the rescue... Ctrl+Z for me and you...

V – I’m tempted to say vodka, but I don’t like it in reality. Just as long as it gives me a high, I’ll bear with it. So, I’ll say VISITORS TO MY BLOG ;-) Love ya, pals!

Windows – (Yes, the Microsoft one, too, but I primarily meant the actual windows that you have in your homes and rooms.) It’s so lovely to stand at one and see the world crossing by. Safe in the confines of your room, you can still be a part of the action and change. The French ones (I dunno why they called French, but they’re huge) and pretty curtains are on my fav list

Xerox – Another very useful innovation. What would we do without the xerox? Right from getting notes in college to getting document copies at work, this has emerged as the most popular invention in the history of mankind. (You’re asking for references? Damn, check out the mushrooming Xerox shops in every nook and cranny. Charging anywhere between the range of 35ps to 2rs per side!)

Yin-Yang – (Webster says) this sign in Chinese philosophy, indicates the two cosmic forces of creative energy - yin being feminine/negative and yang being masculine/positive, from which everything originates, and the interaction of the opposite and complementary principles. Pretty profound, eh? Simply put, I believe there’s a good in every bad and a bad in every good... Hence, my favorite sign... Coz I’m good and I’m bad... And you can’t isolate or ignore either part of me. This is a crazy combo, buddies!

Zero-minimum balance accounts (!) – Yeah, I know this sounds funny. But it’s true. I’ve been fretting since ICICI raised its minimum balance to 10 grand from 5 grand (Not that I don’t have that volume of cash or that I fail to maintain that balance, yet...) Salary accounts and zero-balance accounts are the knights in shining armor for students and freshers as they strive to make ends meet. (The poor dears, feel so sorry for them when they are fined for not meeting the minimum balance criteria!)

And that brings me to the end of my list! I’m sure I’m gona remember a dozen other things by the time this post is published, but well, whoever said this was my last?!!



Sibi said...

m sure u gona remember not quiet but many things after this.After all in jus two posts u can't list down all ur likes.isnt it?but it was fun goin thru even tho i knew many almost all ur likes.have a great

Sourav said...

Movies, music, nostalgia, optimism, popcorn, quizzing (politics and history included), and Reading are some of the things I love too.

BTW, from your Yin-Yang description I concluded this:

feminine = negative
masculine = positive

What do you say about that? :P

Princess said...


I already have deduced a thing or two about your "democratic" attitude... The way you're going, I think you're gona have to face me some day very soon...



Hehe. Good day!

Sourav said...

WOW !!! A confrontation with you .... That sounds intriguing .... Will look forward to it...

Take care and you have a nice day too.

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