Thursday, April 2

Slam Book

Remember high school days when Slam Books were THE talk of the entire class and every section? Who’s filling whose, and who’s writing what was such an exciting discussion! And then there was the owner’s request, “Please don’t read what anyone else has entered.” (Which we obviously ignored, and glanced through anyway.)

For those of you who have skipped this stage (poor you!), let me explain the concept.

Slam books are those cute books that have pages filled with various captions about personal details – right from name and address to friends, favorite teachers/movies, crushes and even person I hate the most, etc. (Didn’t quite like the hate bit, but as kids we weren’t too good at empathy and matters of the heart, right?)

Everybody had one; most had two, coz one wasn’t enough to incorporate their entire social circle. Besides, some got slam books every term – such was the craze! Some even filled the same book twice coz they had nothing to do, or wanted to pen in something different from the last time…

So, anyway, the point is, I’m going to fill a slam book right here on my blog today, giving you a chance to
know more about me – Anuja, the live (and kicking) person. Enjoy!

I am… An emotional fool, a loyal friend, a fantastic but possessive lover, a quick-tempered and imaginative perfectionist. I’m Anuja (aka Lonely Princess), God’s favorite child…

I graced the earth on… July 23rd, 23 summers ago.

My sun-sign…
Cusp - Cancer / Leo (Haven't I spoken about that enough already?!)

I like... (Gosh, there’s two posts on that already! Read
this and this for details.) However, here’s some things that I can say off-handedly - icecreams, Milkybar cadbury, books, music, cosseting and laughing uncontrollably, blogging, sleeping without alarm clocks and deadlines…

I hate...
Lizards, politics, procrastination and laziness, purposeless and insensible behavior, transience of decisions and relationships, braggarts, too much discussion about anything, and being stood up.

My favorite actor/actress… King Khan SRK, Urmila, Big B Amitabh Bachhan, Madhuri, Govinda, Johny Lever, Rajpal Yadav, Javed Jaffery.

My favorite singer… (Read
this) Sunidhi Chauhan, Madonna, Atif, Enrique, Asha Bhosale, JLo, Kishore Kumar, Maroon 5, Kailash Kher, Alisha, Green Day, mum and me!

My favorite books… (Check

My favorite movies… (Read

... Or you could simply visit
my profile page on blogger for the above. (Always keen to save time!!)

My favorite color… Blue, lavender, black, yellow, white, magenta, orange, green… Guess that covers the entire spectrum! (Basically, all bright colors. Not fluorescents, for sure!)

Love is… A crazy feeling that can make you speechless and yet fill pages and pages with the language of the heart. It can make you the happiest of people and take you to the seventh heaven, and dash you back on Mother Earth with as much force. (An entire section! Click

Friendship is… That amazing feeling of knowing that there is someone who you can laugh with, cry with, enjoy with and fight with... And yet
stay together without any blood bond... It is what carries you through those days when love threatens your peace and joy. (If only friendship wouldn’t always culminate into a love relationship…)

At this point in time, I miss...
The rains! The delicate aroma of the wet mud, the drops of life that fall on the skin and rejuvenate all that’s dry and dead, the exhilarating sight of the showers that part for no man or creature. Multi-hued raincoats and pretty umbrellas. People running to find shelter from the rain, as tiny tots jump with glee and kiss the raindrops… Aah! Reminds me of the mad Pune monsoons…

What I do in my free time… At work, I blog and play computer games whenever I get some time off. My favorites - Spider Solitaire and Freecell,
Battleship, Red Bugs, Hammer Heads, Bookworm and a Bejeweled-like but cuter Chuzzle. I also came across this funny game on the MTV Roadies website - Slap Raghu. At home, I watch TV (I’ve already told you about my fav shows), read, play cards or chat with mum, sing or listen to music.

I want to be... Famous and popular (they're two different things, you know, right?!!), humble and helpful, more ambitious, less emotional and less expecting than I am now.

My friends... Have
hundreds of them splashed across social networking sites. But, those are close and in regular contact, I can count them off my fingers...

3 things I can't live without... Vaseline lip guard, sweets and music.

If I knew I was going to die in an hour...
I'd call and tell my loved ones "I'm sorry for all the hurt and trouble I've given you. But I love you... And I'll miss you..."

My biggest regret... None! I don't believe in having regrets. Life is once, just live it!!

A song that relates to me and my life... Tanha tanha yahan pe jeena, ye koi baat hai, koi saath nahi tera yahan toh, ye koi baat hai, kisi ko pyar de, kisi ka pyar le le, is saare zamane mein yehi pyaari baat hai (Movie - Rangeela)

My tuppence to humanity... It's all for the best, and there's no other way it could have possibly been better :-)

Love ya fellas!
Lonely Princess


Sibi said...

Slam books I have never asked anyone to fill in for me.But have filled in for some of my friends.
Great to know things about you Princess.
The best thing I liked in your likes are "I'd call and tell my loved ones "I'm sorry for all the hurt and trouble I've given you. But I love you... And I'll miss you..."
Awesome it is.Wat best way to show your loved ones that you care.
And of course the song..Trying to understand wat it realy means to be loved and to love..
Rocking post..Thanks...

Anonymous said...

u probably do not no me....but i came across ur postss just 2day...dis post is d 1 i lyk d most as i'm teen now n slam buk is d only talk 4 us...

Anonymous said...

just rokd my world....d post is just rokin...i just lovd it..

Princess said...

Thanks Sibi :-)

@ Sakura - It's ok to not know each other as long as we're connected! Sometimes, people you don't know are more understanding and affectionate than those in your immediate surrounding. You're at a lovely age, S. Enjoy every moment!


Anonymous said...

My birthday is on the cusp of cancer/leo as well! July 22!

sanjana said...

this the best post i have ever seen...

Unknown said...

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