Friday, April 17

Wake Me Up When September Ends!

Thanks to the power cut, I don’t need to use my alarm clock.

As much as I enjoy sleeping like a log, it’s terribly aggravating when you have to wake up sweating coz the fan’s stopped working.

(Oops, just remembered what we used to say at inlingua... Pigs SWEAT, humans PERSPIRE.)

The heat has increased multifold, not just coz of the sun, but also coz of the
approaching IPL. Bouncing youngsters have started betting on who will win or lose in the league. I hear Chennai is the top favorite, but I personally know nothing about the teams, except that SRK’s gang is called the Knight Riders (Kolkata) and liquor baron Vijay Mallya has a squad, too. I could probably search a wee bit if you guys wish to know... Happy to help! ;-) Hehe...

(I'm good enough to be Vodafone's brand ambassador, right? Just like Sallu-bhai gushed "dobara mat poochna" to mediapersons in his Chlormint ad.)

News at my end is that I’ve had my first ever pedicure this week. It’s a stupid process if you ask me, takes too much time and effort (and money and paraphernalia!) for too trivial results. Of course, my feet looked yummy after the entire episode, but am I doing it again? Not anytime soon... I might consider a massage or a facial or face clean... Been ages since I did that...

Life @ work is peaceful at the moment. The boss has realized (after scolding me for delaying a job 3 days) that it can wait another week. So, I’m cool right now, well aware that this is the calm before the storm. I’m busy making my shopping list which includes a book, some garments, a pair of shoes, a watch
(and some private items that I cannot mention here).

I recently visited the Modi Ganapati temple in Narayan Peth coz my mum insisted we should go there. It’s a cute little shrine, with an equally cute deity. There were lotsa old folks seated there listening as a woman recited some lessons and spiritual instructions. I also noticed some pamphlets and boards announcing the beginning of summer camps and “sanskaar varga” (which is something like a summer session where kids are taught the strotras, arts and crafts for a fee). I wonder why parents and elders cannot impart the same knowledge to their tots. Are we too busy or we ourselves unaware of our mythology and religion? Food for thought.

Practice makes perfect is a lesson I firmly stand by these days, coz I’m going gung-ho with the
Snake application on my cell-phone. My latest high score is 42,000 N.O. (I believe that’s the sign in cricket indicating not out. Not too well-versed with cricketing terms and gestures either.)

Something’s on my mind; it’s not really bothering me, but it’s just that I have a need to know... Somebody I know celebrated her birthday a few days ago. I did not wish her. Do you think she missed my call? I hadn’t really forgotten, in fact, I’d purposely not remembered. We haven’t been in touch for a long time, and even the rare occasions when we did interact, it wasn’t smooth and friendly. Rather, it felt formal, something that you did consciously, as when you’re treading on thin ground, not sure what to do or say...

The gap widened, the distance grew too large to bridge... She did not make an attempt to maintain contact, and even my efforts were not rewarded too generously. So, I decided I won’t be a pushover. Why act like a pile-on if someone wishes to move on? Seems like that’s ok with her as well... (Deep inside I know it’s not... But then, I can’t be the only one driving this relationship.)

Kiska hai ye tumko intzaar main hoon na,
Dekh lo idhar toh ek baar main hoon na...
Khamosh kyu ho, job hi kehna hai kaho,
Dil chaahe jitna pyar utna maang lo,
Tumko milega utna pyar main hoon na...

That’s her favorite song... Fits aptly in this situation, na?!!

I’m there Sarikadi... Just a phone call away...
Wish you a belated happy birthday.

Wish you a great weekend, readers. I’m sure I’m gona have a blast!!
Be back soon!!


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