Wednesday, April 15

Dooba Dooba Rehta Hoon

Dooba Dooba Rehta Aankhon Mein Teri, Deewana Ban Gaya Hoon Main Chahat Mein Teri...

Ahem, hey guys!

Talking about sinking, leme tell you that I'm crazy about beaches, but I haven’t visited a water park in goodness knows how many years.

You’re wrong if you’re guessing that I’m hydro-phobic or ride-o-phobic; I’m neither. I enjoy splashing around in the water and sliding over thrilling pipes and tubes. What turns me off is the fact that there are n number of people thrashing about in the same water, doing all kinds of weird stunts and actions. Being the cleanliness freak that I am, I recoil from such prospects and plans.

(You may recall that I avoided playing Holi for analogous, if not identical reasons.)

However, this weekend I did not have much of a choice as my cousins spent the weekend with us (or rather we stayed with them in their rental apartment). It was decided that we’d go to Sentosa on the Mumbai–Pune highway (on the way to Hinjewadi) for a fun, activity-filled day.

For beginners, I can’t do the typical nonsense-laden, ha-ha, hoo-hoo, which women (of all ages) apparently take pleasure in. Either I take life too sensibly, or my sense of humor is more mature than my gender. So when the girls sat down till 4 am chatting and smirking about silly stuff, I couldn’t help yawning. Unfortunately, sleep evaded me so I had to sit there nodding and grinning with them.

By the time we crashed and I reached the stage of REM sleep (in simple terms, it means deep slumber - as good as dead), it was morning, and the house was gung-ho with poha and chai-doodh preparations
(as if we it was cooking a meal of chhappan bhog!)

We freshened up and left for Sentosa around 1pm – quite an odd time, and terribly sunny as well. We were carrying our apparel to wear in the pool, but the board clearly said “swimming costume compulsory; rental available” so we had to do as instructed. The dresses were decent enough (I’m hoping the folks who wore them before us were the same), but that didn’t quite avert the awkwardness that we had when we stepped out of the women’s changing rooms.

What propelled me forward was the sight of my mum calmly wearing slacks and a T-shirt and raring to enter the water and experience the rides. Some energy and enthusiasm that woman has got! The way she moved on the rain-dance platform was sensational, cute and motivating! Whatta lady yaar!! I’m not half as lively as her despite being half her age!

The water park was quite crowded, and the entry was 200 Rupees. (I’m not sure whether that included any food, coz the woman at the counter informed us that all eatables were finished except wafers, which we didn’t have anyway.) I feel the charge was too much as there are hardly 8 rides there, 3 pools, and a rain dance. The changing rooms were fairly clean, but I always find the bathrooms in public places cramped and grimy. The rented stuff (costumes and lockers) were cheap and usable, and the pools were well-guarded and monitored.

All in all, it was an exciting day out, and I must say, it was fun to do something different from the usual coffee-and-hanging out routine.

Breaking news – Paulami is outta
Roadies, I dunno why Naomi saved Palak, but the crew is returning to India after their 40-day sojourn in Australia. The finale, Raghu promises, will be extraordinary and outrageous. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Naoman wins... though people insist he’s girlish and gutless, but my vote goes for him when it’s Ghastly Gurmeet on the other side. (Even otherwise, actually...!) Watch out for the grand surprise on Sunday at 7... (I'm gona miss it coz my mum's organized a bhajan-party at our place the very same day. Grrr...)

The mango season is on, and my mum is dishing out aam-ras every alternate day. The fruit is supposed to be immensely fattening and tremendously hot, but what complicates matters is that it’s also very irresistible and yummy! I desperately need to lose 2 inches on my tummy. (Okay that rhymed, but that’s NOT the point here.)

Raise a toast to wishes and happiness!


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Sibi said...

Hey seems like you had an awesome weekend..Even I like going to the water park;Espcially for the high rides they have.Wowwwww..I still remember the Black Demon in Water Kingdom..The most scariest ride I ever sat in...I shiver from head to toe when i memorise the experience there..
Yaar Koi bhi jeete bas palak nahijeetni chahiye in Roadies..
I m waiting for the Mango Custard Princess:-)
Have an awesome weeknd..


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