Tuesday, April 28

Kismat Ka Khel


Another occasion when I’m gona ask you to put your hands together and hail the victor!

And the hero is none other than Nauman Sait – the
winner of Roadies 6.0 (just as I’d predicted). Yippeeeee!!I’m SO SO SOOOOO glad that Palak did not win.

The grand finale (which had 2 parts) had Raghu bring back Natasha and Sufi in the contest with Palak and Naumi, while the ex-Roadies chose Kiri as the most deserving chap amongst them to get a final chance to win the title. The 3 battled in a diabolic task - walking on a single, wobbly plank in the dark with flashlights dancing in their eyes – and while Sufi failed to complete the activity (poor guy), Kiri outdid Natasha, and became the final contender with Palak and Naomi.

I missed the last episode. (Sunday evenings are a bad time to show any good stuff on TV!! Please take note, folks!) But I manged to catch the repeat telecast last evening on MTV. There was a penultimate rappelling task, where Kiri was brainwashed by Raghu and Rannvijay to compete with Naumi and dump Palak in the ultimate task for the Roadies title. In which Naomi gave his best, and emerged triumphant! Well done, boy, well done!! I’m thrilled!!

The episode was very touching; I was weeping with joy as I watched Naomi literally bleed to reach his destination. Each and every person who had ever criticised or hated him admitted that he had proved himself and completely deserved to win. He now returns home with 3.62 lac Rupees and a Karizma bike... and fame... which is priceless!

You can also congratulate me for scoring 54561 on
Snake 3. I ran out of time as I was busy munching on the apples, pears and cherries that act as the snake’s food. Greedy me!!

And while we’re on the happy mode, let’s wish my Dad as it’s his 55th birthday today. (Bhabhi turned 25 yesterday. Less than 3 months to go for my big day!)

By the way, I've found out a few folks who share their birthdate with me; wana know??!! They are Daniel Radcliffe (Mr. Harry Potter), Monica Lewinsky (she needs no introduction, does she?!!), Lokmanya Tilak, Chandrasekhar Azad, Slash from Guns N Roses, and hold your breath - HIMESH RESHAMMIYA!! ROFL... Goddd.... Crazyyy...

Quite a few good news-es, eh? There's also some sad stuff - Feroz Khan died of cancer at age 69. He is survived by his talent-less and witless son Fardeen and daughter Laila. I did not particularly adore the man, but I sure admire his confidence and style. He'll be missed...

The other news is that the authorities are trying to give swine flu a miss. We've heard of bird flu before, but this time, it's pig flu that's doing the rounds in US, UK and Europe. 103 folks lost their lives in Mexico thanks to this condition. (Don't worry, your pork is safe, just heat it well above the usual temperature.)

I’ve had a great weekend. Did nothing special really, except Sizzled at Yana ;-) But if sorrow doesn’t always need a reason, then neither does happiness! I’m in good spirits since last week... God knows why, but I’m loving it, and may it continue!!

I helped facilitate a Team building program for GTL at their GITA training centre ahead of Wagholi. It went very well (as usual), and there’s quite a bit of work in the office now courtesy FIRO-B reports for another team from the same company.

The best things in life are free. However, even those that come at a price can give tremendous bliss. And I mean something as small as a Ceres juice pack, which I purchased at Dorabjee’s the other day. (Youngberry flavor - tastes nice.) Or the Weikfield jelly crystals. Or the cute pair of blue earrings that suit my sexy Punjabi suit to a T! I’m happy!! Touch wood...

I told you I’m reading the Anatomy of Deception by Lawrence Goldstone. I’ve finished over 200 pages of the 475-page novel, and the plot is still not completely developed. While I understand the protagonist Ephraim Carroll’s character and temperament, we’re still clueless about the vanished cadaver in the morgue that stunned Prof Osler and fishy Turk when they caught a glance at it. New people are introduced on every page, and there is no solid data about who is important in the climax and who is a mere decoration. And now Turk is dead, poisoned apparently... Heaven knows how this will end... Osler's my chief suspect...

By the way, I learnt quite a few new words while reading the book – blithely, which means casually; datum, the singular form of data; rapscallion, which means rascal; and many more.

I need a change (as usual). I want to go outa the city, meet new people, do something different. While my heart is hovering on a trip to Thailand and Malaysia, my brain suggests Goa, where I could also opt for the Basic Human Process Lab (BLHP) by ISABS. Career/personality development ek taraf, chhutti bhi ho jayegi. Two birds with one stone, good na?! Let’s see what finally happens... (My mantra for all crossroads.)

The stars foretell that my good times shall roll starting May. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. May 1 will sure be good (it’s a holiday on account of Labor day urf Maharashtra Din. Hee hee!) May the rest be better than that!!

Adios buddies.

-Happy Princess

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