Monday, April 6

Tired of Sales / Customer Care Calls???


If you're irritated with those annoying sales and customer care calls, then you've come to the right place, baby... Here are ten ways to stop those credit card sales, mobile companies, insurance calls from bugging you:

Hilarious!! Enjoy...

1. After the telemarketer finishes speaking, ask him/her to marry you. (!!!)

2. Tell the telemarketer (seductively) that you are busy, but you would love to talk about some interesting personal stuff and ask for his/her home telephone number so you can call back at night.

3. Ask them to repeat everything they say, several times. (!!!)

4. Tell them it is dinnertime, BUT ask if they would please hold. Put them on your speaker phone while you continue to eat at your leisure. Smack your food loudly and continue with your dinner conversation.

5. Tell them that all business goes through your agent, and hand the phone to your/somebody else's 5-year old child. (!!!)

6. If they start out with, "How are you today?", say "I'm so glad you asked, because no one these days seems to care, and I have all these problems............." Blah-blah-blah (Reminds me of Ghanta Singh!!!)

7. Tell them to speak very slowly because you want to write every word down.

8. Cry out in surprise, "Helen, is that you? I've been hoping you'd call! How is the family?" When they insist they are not Helen, tell them to stop joking. This works especially well if the telemarketer is MALE. (Vice-versa for females - "Hey Deepak! Kidhar hai sale??")

9. Tell the company call centre guy to call on your office number, and give him the rival company's call centre number.

10. Start taking the telemarketer's interview : "So, how many kids do you have? Are you married? What's your favorite food?......"

Now isn't THAT smart?!!!

Try it and leme know!



Sibi said...

Hi Princess...Hope u had a good weekend...How can I speak to a customer care executive seductively.All we do when we recieve a call from them is we get bugged and keep the phone down..
But anyways I don't get a call from anybody but if I get I willdefinetly start interviewing tat guy bat family and stuff..Sounds really funny...people who constantly get calls should try this nuska from our very own Princess..Thanks Princess for taking care of small issues that we come across everyday...You rock...Three cheers for Princess..
Hip Hip Hurray..
Hip Hip Hurray..
Hip Hip Hurray..

Princess said...

I can't tell you about the seduction bit here ;-)

By the way, thanks for your comments lekin ye wala ekdum vote of thanks lag ra hai... wo jo college/school mein zabardasti dete hai na, us type ka... LOL



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