Tuesday, April 7

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot...

Namaste readers!

The heat is increasing by the minute, and I’m hating the clammy and restless feeling it spawns. The mercury touched 40 this weekend in Pune; no wonder sweat and distress levels are rising! I’m downing glasses of cold kairi-panaa and chilled fluids to keep the heat at bay, but nonetheless, this weather is getting on my nerves... Besides,
as I’ve already told you, my workspace is the sun’s favorite hangout, and as there are no curtains or AC, going to office is nothing short of torment for me. Hope you’re doing better than me.

Something very cool happened this weekend – I met my college buddy after 6 long years. It was like the Bharat-milap straight out of the Ramayana! She and me were bestest chums during junior coll, and after that,
as always happens, paths parted and we went our different ways with new companions. We got reunited thanks to Facebook and planned to meet up, which finally happened on Saturday.

It was great! (Isn’t meeting old friends ALWAYS awesome?!!) We’ve had some crazy times together – right from shoplifting to pub-hopping, guys and what not. Once we started talking, it didn’t seem like we had 6 years to bridge between us, the bonding was instantaneous, and the sparks flew as ever! Sometimes chemistry never dies...

The great news was that she’s met someone she wants to marry coz he loves her. I’m delighted at that! They’re quite an unusual pair, but I guess opposites always attract. I hope they have a wonderful married life together, and they have their Goa beach wedding soon!!

We hung out at Hard Rock Café (previously Pyramid Lawns) in KP, which is quite a hit in Pune these days. The place was filled with firangs and youth, and I was wondering whether the economic meltdown has really struck, or is really as serious as it’s made out to be!

Though the place is cheaper than its neighbor - Stonewater Grill (where a table in the middle of the pool costs a whopping 15 grand!) – I still found the prices pretty steep. A large vodka with Red Bull (which tastes like cough syrup) costs close to 350 and a Carlsberg 140. The other cocktails were also in the range of 250-400, and the fries were for 90 bucks. (I know the charge is for the ambience, and I must say, it’s worth it if you go with good company in good time.)

We got there before 8, and we landed a seat outside so we could enjoy the music and the breeze, both of which were scanty before 8.30 pm. But once it started, man it rocked! Hand me a couple of Carlsbergs with some munchies (can’t have beer alone, tastes gross!!) and watch me take off with the pulsating music (or you could join me on the ride! Whether you choose to drink, or not!!)

However, I grew noticeably silent as time progressed – I had too many stories to ruminate over – real-life tales of the people I met there. Girls who had left their homes and families to stay separately in the same city so they could enjoy their life and freedom. People whose sisters had married and divorced and fell in love again. Folks who went around with one person and started hitting on another as soon as it was called off...

However, the bottom-line remains the same – no one is content. Each person has his/her own problems - be it job, family, friends, relationships, or anything else. Life is mysterious, humans are stranger... Only emotions remain sane and comprehensible. And the ones who are happy are those who accept life and humankind for what they are, without complaint or regret...

Hell, what track am I taking! To get back to Pune culture, people don’t seem to want to dance these days. Almost all discotheques have shut down, and the few that remain are crowded with newbies and weirdos. I
visited High Spirits and observed the same style – people swig their drinks, chat and flirt, laugh and listen to music, some may even move their heads and legs to the beat, but nobody actually misses the dance floor. Tis sucha sad thing! Sniff sniff...

And sniff... The last one coz
Palak has managed to evade being voted out from Roadies yet again! Some luck that b**** has... Naomi outdid himself in both, the money task as well as the immunity task, and now that Natasha is outta the show, I’m dead sure he’s gonna bag the Roadies 7.0 title! Cheers!!

The scene for the money task was an ice-skating rink where the Roadies had to defend the goalpost and keep the puck (shot by a pro) away.
Paulo did full nautanki (wonder of wonders, she’s in the top 3!!) but managed to perform a wee bit, as did Natasha and Palak. To gain immunity, the dramatic activity was collecting flags while dodging cowboys on horses and circumventing their lassos. (Rannvijay tries each task before the Roadies, and Lord, is he breathtaking! Love him man!)

Apart from Roadies, I also watched a little bit of Splitsvilla (where Siddharth and King Mohit have gone aggressively and abusively bonkers), and the movies Bhool Bhulaiya, Race and Dhamaal. I wana catch 8 X 10 Tasveer starring Akshay Kumar – the promos look interesting. Shall let you know when that occurs...

Well, that’s all for today. Stay outta the sun and be safe, dost-log!

Lonely Princess


Unknown said...

hi princess,

Its very hot in bangalore too.. waitin for the summer to end...

And in roadies Palak will win this time .. first female roadie... how about that... she has all talent to become famous may be like Rakhi Sawant :) :)

Sibi said...

Hey Princess, its realy very hot in here.I wish my office provide me with a coke every hour..But given the recession time, I guess its not gonna work:-)
Hey you had beer?Thats cool..Carlsberg is cool yaar..I have heard a lot about Hard Rock Cafe,but waited for some solid feedback and got it from you.Yet again a place you suggested in Pune.Thanks Princess for taking care and sharing everthing.
Yes I agree with you that nobody is content.Kahne ko zindagi bita toh rahe hain par khush nahi hai.
Contentment is realy very important for a good life.
Hey I got a bad review about Tasveer.Akshay is not so good in the movie..
Have a nice day Princess....

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