Friday, October 17

Wardrobe Chronicles

“Clothes make a man”

(And they define, classify and distinguish a woman.)

Who you are is determined by what you wear. And we can see this in our daily lives. People who command second looks are most often those who dress well, even if they look like a spoilt plum. (Of course, I’m not talking about the men here; they look at any and every woman who is not invisible. However she may be... And however she dresses... But women, aah, WE know what suits and what doesn’t. At least most of us do. And that is why most men take us shopping... Even tho they wouldn’t want to go shopping with us!!)

Why men take women shopping? Well, usually coz we land great bargains and get the best stuff. We don’t go merely for fancy trends and latest fashion, but we actually USE our brains to ensure what will look good on a particular body type and personality structure. It’s pretty scientific. And besides we have tremendous stamina to visit 10 shops before finally deciding that the blue shirt in shop no. 3 was the finest of the lot. (It goes without saying that we blow the $5 we saved in a quick snack later costing $25. But don’t we deserve something for having spent our precious time, energy and intellect on u?!! How particularly ungrateful! Ughhh...)

And why do you think women DON’T take men shopping? (Unless they need masculine vitality to pay the bills or give a hand with the luggage). One, you guys start fretting right at the second shop (had it not been for us, shopping malls wouldn’t have existed!) Two, you can do little besides nodding your head at things we pick up and ask for opinion. Three, when you actually muster the enthusiasm and let go of your indolence to move around and choose something for us, its so distressing that we can barely manage a sheepish shrug at your ludicrousness. Four, your leering at sexy clothes is NOT helping our shopping targets. Five, you cant stay away from your cel fone as u wait even when we try on just 8 dresses looking for the “perfect night pajamas”. Six... oh I cud go on and on and on. But the point is, when we ask u to go shopping with us, we’re actually doing u a huge favor. So don’t have any misconceptions about the entire episode.

Now that my guy-bashing for the day is done, leme share with u that what looks good on one doesn’t suit the other. And sometimes something just suits NOBODY. There’s no point in spending a bomb on that silly polka-dotted shirt coz Hrithik looked cool in it or that tattered asymmetric yellow gown that Aishwarya wore with panache. Hell, they’re gorgeous, and hell, they are on screen where anything looks fabulous! I mean all magz and tabloids hav long screamed their lungs at having that “little black dress” in your closet. Which I’ve done very well without for the last 20 years. (Even before that, when I was 3, I dint have no black dresses, little or otherwise.) And no regrets! You know what looks good on u. Or rather, what you feel good in, feels good on u. As long as the confidence is in place.

My picks for anyone and everyone who’s interested – Black isn’t the only color in the world. Go ahead and experiment with all hues and tints in the rainbow. I’m not recommending saffron at work, but you cant go wrong with violets and greens. Formals look good on young guys and the right accessories make any lady look classy. Don’t forget the footwear; people often judge others on the basis of what they wear on their feet. If you’re wearing Hawaii chappals, no Armani’s gona make u look impressive. The watchwords are clean and ironed. Not jus the clothes, even the body inside them. A few must-haves, if you must, then I’d say a good pair of jeans (not necessarily branded but certainly something that befits your assets), well-fitting T-shirts and floaters/sneakers for the casual wear. For official occasions, stick to shirts and trousers, and if women aren’t comfortable in them, then salwar kameez in soft colors without the zari and heavy work. And please, for heavens sake, NO DANGLERS AT WORK! (Men, danglers are the mile-long earrings that women wear in their ears forgetting that they should end near the ears also.) I mean at parties they’re ok, but u needn’t be a typical Ramola Sikand (some sidey K serial star on Star Plus that I cant recall right now).

What I need right now are some long tops and Ts (my older ones are bearing the brunt of the festive season and being trashed), decent nightwear and a good pair of jeans – preferably blue. Also some accessories for the hands and hair. And ya, a good stole/mini-shawl for the approaching winter. That about winds it up. Short list, eh?

Hey, I had a haircut! Was bored of the old long hair look, and wanted a change. It looks nice... (As if anything wouldn’t!)

Trust this helps!

See ya soon.



FifthBeatle said...

I have to differ. The women's fashion industry is FILLED with items that cost a bomb and are neither practical, nor quite frankly, look very good. Most girls I know buy stuff they never end up using and pay much more than what its worth!

sumant said...

Liked certain points..but can u explain onething..why ppl who dress up excellent for formals actually dnt make an impression durin casual dressin..

Princess said...

Dear Arnold,
I hate to admit you're right! But well, most of us sensible, Indian, middle-class females know what we're doing and what we're looking for when we're shopping! Thanks for sharing your views with us! really appreciate it :-)

Hi Sumant!
Why do you think people who speak Oriya well can't speak English?! They're two different areas buddy, and proficiency in one does not apply to other areas... Casuals and formals are two completely diverse fields! Of course color co-ordination, body and personality suitability, hygiene are common points... Such folks may benefit by asking younger and street-smart people for their comments on specific occasions when they need to create an impression!

Thanks for responding, guys!

Unknown said...

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