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Hello Readers from around the globe!

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I love movies. I’m a complete addict. I just HAVE to watch 2 movies in the cinema hall per month (minimum). Ok ok, I admit, caramel popcorn does make the endeavor more palatable, especially if the movie is a pale of garbage... But nevertheless, I’m a born movie-buff. I love to laugh and I love to cry and I love to get scared. Which basically translates to my favorite genres – comedy, romance and horror (no Ramu, haven’t forgiven you yet for your disastrous
Phoonk). Action and philosophy-laden movies don’t entice me to the screens. (Unless someone else is paying for my seat and popcorn bucket.)

So, for the benefit of all you folks who stumble here and love Bollywood movies but don’t exactly know what to watch, here’s my list of must-see’s (interspersed with a few Hollywood movies that I just couldn’t disregard).

You can take it for granted that this list is going to be extremely biased (which essentially means that I’ve missed out Deewar and Mission Impossible and other blockbusters.) However,

1. I’ll try my best to consider a broad opinion.
2. I’ll try to keep it brief.
3. I’ll try to pick a few, and I’ll try to pick the best of the best.

(Pls bear in mind that I was born in mid-1985 and that I prefer certain movie categories and that I’m human – I CAN forget to name some movies inspite of liking them!)

Enough commentary... On with the catalog!

A – Andaz Apna Apna (Amir-Salman rib-tickler), Aaina (Juhi-Jackie melodrama)
B – Bhoot (THE diva Urmila), Black (Rani-Big B superhit)
C – Chhoti Si Baat (Amol Palekar comedy), Charlie Chaplin (world-best actor)
D – Don (old one starring Big B), Daddy Day Care (Will Smith comedy)
E – Ek aur Ek Gyarah (Govinda-Sanju slapstick jodi)
F – Fifty First Dates (Hollywood romantic comedy)
G – Golmal (old as well as new, both fun)
H – Hera Pheri (the crazy trio – Akshay, Babu-bhaiya, Sunil), Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire’s my recommendation, but the rest are fine as well)
I – Ishq (funny, romantic drama)
J – Jab We Met (as above – a Kareena-Shahid must-watch)
K – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (grand superhit *ing King Khan, Kajol, Rani )
L – Lagaan (Amir+cricket+British revolution=taaza maal), Laurel & Hardy (need there be any introduction?!)
M – Munnabhai series (Sanju-baba & Circuit at their best), Mummy (exquisite sets & expert direction)
N – Nayak (Anil Kapoor’s contemporary best ever)
O – Omkara (Shakespeare’s play Bollywood-ized)
P – Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya (Salman-Kajol-Arbaz romantic comedy)
Q – Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (old Amir-Juhi blockbuster)
R – Rangeela (comedy love triangle *ing Urmila, Amir, Jackie)
S – Saathiya (Vivek and Rani in bitter-sweet chemistry), Spiderman (enchanting effects)
T – The Terminal, Taare Zameen Par, The Little Rascals, Titanic (none need description. All the best in their own ways...)
U – U, Me Aur Hum (Kajol-Ajay in a psychological, passionate flick)
V – Virasat (Anil’s heritage)
W – Waqt (Big B-Akshay rocking jodi)
X – Xorcist (ok, I cheated - it's Exorcist, but doesn't make too much of a difference...)
Y – Ye Dillagi (love triangle – Kajol, Akki, Saif)
Z – Zanjeer (yaari hai imaan mera...)

Your comments, additions, agreements and objections are most welcome. I claim to be no expert; this is my personal listing and rating, be it imprudent or prejudiced.

Which brings me to the last word (Or the last paragraph, rather).

Dostana looks good! The trailers are attractive, Piggy Chops is looking charming, and I’m hoping Aby Baby and Johny Boy manage to convert their off-screen friendship into on-screen dhamaka and turn this movie into a laugh riot. And Karzzzz... (And zzzz... And zzzz...) The movie has been declared another one of His Himeshness’ narcissistic and gibberish productions. So much so, that as I was listening to the radio and “tandoori nights” came on air, the electricity bid a not-so-tearful adieu.

My turn now.


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sumant said...

u desrve more hits bossy..u look to be working gr8 for ur blog..i have alwez mentioned in ur old posts, that you can be an good movie critic...btw nvr mentioned one thing i like verymuch about ur blog is when u say" You should do evrythin in life once! (except drugs" thts really nice..as a blogger we do have moral social responsibility 2wards the society too... tc and keep smiling

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