Friday, October 10

Guess who’s bac...

I realized I had stopd breathin.

The emotions of the characters had become my emotions.

The pain of labor.

The controlled confidence and detachedness of an important duty.

The joy of childbirth.

The confused contempt of a complication.

The anger and perilous dejection of helplessness.

The reckless urge to protect our loved ones from sorrow and pain.

Such is my power of the
Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards, that m reading at the moment.

The first 40-odd pages, and you kno u got ur hands on a master-storyteller...

I’ve struggled to stop reading lest I finish the entire novel at one go. An absolute winner. Kim, I salute u and ur tremendous thinking and writin skills...

The book tells the tale of how a doctor delivers his own abnormal infant, and not havin the heart to hurt his wife, he sends the baby off to an institution, saying the baby was born dead, but the twin, a bonny boy, is fine – hale and hearty. While the mother grapples with the loss, the nurse takes away the baby to raise as her own, without the doc’s knowledge. What finally happens is anyone’s guess. But the book is nuthin short of marvelous... I’m loving it!

So buddies! .... Guess who’s bac, guess who’s bac, guess who’s bac... Tada-daaa-daaaaaa!

(Me, who else.)

Coz I’m slim shady, yes I’m da real shady...

(Hey, m not slim anymore... I used to b like pretty much in-shape bac in B.A., but now I can c dis extra pound of flesh on my tummy, which isn’t quite so yummy when I luk bac on my modelling pics... Sigh...)

Wasup people?! Life treatin u fair? (Or square?) Greetings for the festive season!

I had taken a mini-break (not for pleasure, unfortunately) but coz sum1 who matters affronted my blog, which directly translates to insulting me. So, I thot I’d stop writin, but then I thot WHAT THE F***?!! I enjoy bloggin and those who wish to read can read, those who don’t, well, what’s callin u here? I cant stop doin thins coz others don’t like them! Its MY life... And I’m livin it once... And I’m gona live it mighty well, even if it offends sum1 who cant see that words are worse dan swords... I’m not forcing any1 to comment or respond to my blog, and nor am I writin to pls anybody...

Havin said dat, a huge load’s off my chest... (Pretty much like tying a black doll at entrances that wards off evil spirits.)

What am I doin these days? Missin bloggin! What else? Nuthin, boring life. Of course m reading n spending time wid family, but nothing exciting on the cards. Surfing’s no fun, work’s boring, and so is evrythin else. What’s pushing me on? The thot of the weekend, and Dorabjee’s frappe in bucketfuls. I wudn’t mind some marshmallows and caramel popcorn, some shoppin and some traveling. But, sumhow everythin’s so drab and dreary...

Fortunately or unfortunately, the city is not going thru the same mood palette. Did u hear about the bomb hoax at Fergusson College? After Symbi, how cud apna Fergi stay away fro the heat and attention?! Turns out the incident was not sucha tasteful affair, and sabke armano pe sambhar phir gaya... The CYG activities and preparations are in full swing in the city. I sneaked a glance at the mini-carnival they had runnin around the entire town on Dassera day. Pretty cute! But m half wondering whether this squad’s conspiring to harass the innocent public. How else wud u explain an invisible barricade bang in the centre of S.B. Road - the expressway of the city, and that too when the streetlights were as good as absent?! I almost had a crash myself, and the very same day I saw that while a 100 policemen were milling around near Tilak Road, not a soul budged when the very next signal gave up its functions...

I recently read the Big B’s blog. Does he write it himself? Every single day? Incredible... His English language skills and depth of thought had me spellbound. Not dat I dint expect it, but well, I sure was impressed. Plus almost half a grand comments for each post! Whew... Its tough bein a celebrity... And one as BIG as the Big B, colossal task!

Forgot to tell ya, I tasted crab for the first time the day I went to
Barbeque Nation. Tasted like wet cotton, and looked like it, too! And finally, finally, finally, I set teeth on Yana’s Macaroni Satellite sizzler. Sabar ka meetha phal wasn’t an apt idiom here, coz I dint enjoy the dish as much as I had on previous occasions, despite waiting over a month!

The weekend’s here. Havin a midweek holiday is sucha blessing! The week seems to shrink and each day becomes more bearable as one dsnt hav to wait too long for the sacred twins Saturday-Sunday. So wat if I hav a half-day on Saturday? Sumthin’s better than nuthin... And finally, its all for the best!

TC fellas! C ya soon!


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