Monday, October 13

For Better or For Worse

I’ve finally decided.

This purple top has to go.

It needed a lot of objectivity, a lot of strength to finally come to this verdict. After all, I’ve had it for a better part of almost 5 years. If I recall correctly, I bought this at a corner shop near FC at a 150 bucks or so. I loved the color, the simplicity, the cute yet trendy look. But time waits for no man (or woman), and nor does growth. What looked like a small (and sexy) inch of innocent tummy peek-a-boo has now become a shameful exposition of my assets. Out it has to go, and this week itself, lest I change my mind.

wardrobe’s stuffed with clothes. In fact, it’s spilling over, and I haven’t worn half the clothes more than thrice. (Quite Veronicesque - courtesy Archies, eh?!!) Every Diwali my mum insists on cleaning up our abode (Goddess Lakshmi doesn’t venture where thr’s filth and garbage, so get ur act together and start dusting ur den pals. Dontcha want sum money?!!)

While my mum merrily prances around emptying and re-arranging the furniture, cupboards and everything that can be scrubbed and washed, I give myself a pat on the back even if I wipe off the dirt from my study table (used for all purposes except study) and my clothes-cupboard (mum mopped up the book-case remember? One chore less for me! Hee haa haa...) So well, this Diwali I’ve resolved to lighten my closet. Which spells an end for the dresses I’d kept for so long, hoping against hope that I’d get a chance to wear them once somehow, somewhere! High time I accepted that sometimes some things that just don’t fit after a certain period are nothing but baggage that need to be vacated asap afap (as fast as possible). Ba-bye dear green salwar suit that I wore on just 2-3 occasions. Adios my lovely T shirts and tops that carried me thru my junior and senior college days at FC. Farewell my beautiful, comfortable pajamas (that are so blissful although they are tearing at the seams with relentless use!) Goodbye to you all, and may u rest in peace...

Saw a hilarious show on MTV; u mus hav heard of MTV Fully Faltoo... It rocks man! They've made amazing spoofs of ChakDe, Tare Zameen Par, Sarkar, Dhoom (the orginal as well as the sequel), and Rock on among others. Besides, they have an equally side-splitting Awards show where they choose the best among the worst. Tee hee hee... Love your se poemnsa humor folks!

And finally, some news you can use (or rather, news you COULD HAVE used had I informed u earlier.) Madame President Pratibhatai Patil was in the city the last 4 days for some tour or sumthin. Which is y cops were acting so diligent and sincere (NOW u kno!) And also, ICICI bank was in trouble over the weekend as the share market took a tumble and its shares rated 1500 plummeted to 300 bucks. Customers were flocking to banks and ATMs to widdraw their money and close their accounts. Some patrons even got sms-es frm the directors saying funds had not been used in international development, and hence, the bank was safe and thus, the money was protected and in no danger. Well, watever the truth, everyone was scared. M waitin to hear the updates...

An eight-liner to wind up this post...

Do I hate the world?
Or does the world hate me;

Are my rules too rigid?
Or the world too free...
I wana be sombody else,
And see how things work;
In things I deem vile,
Is there some hidden perk?

Leme kno if u know...

Until then!
Lonely Princess

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Unknown said...

Hi ..
I am sharath.. i am from bangalore..
i was going through ur blog and u seem interesting to know about??
shall i know more about u?

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