Saturday, October 18

Jhanda Uucha Rahe Hamara...

I’m feeling very patriotic। Maybe coz I saw this cute video on You Tube... Check it out!

So, honestly guys and gals, how many of us know the National Anthem by heart? (For those who don’t, take a hike people! Ye video wali bacchi se seekho kuch... Shame on you!)

As I’ve shared before, there’s this
school next to my office where each day they conclude with a recitation of Vande Mataram. I was trying to recall the lyrics of Saare Jahaan Se Accha the other day. I could only recollect one para – Purbat mein ho agar hum, rehta hai dil watan mein... Samjho wahi hume bhi dil ho jaha hamara...

Sad, eh?! I learnt it and 20 other nationalistic poems and songs in school. But now, I hardly remember any. What’s your opinion on Value/Moral Education in schools? And what do you think about screening the National Anthem at theatres? I think both are interesting measures to inculcate discipline and ethics. How far they last? Anybody’s guess...

So the news is that Jet Airways has fired over 1900 employees stirring the MNS into action (updates say they have been reinstated). The global financial crisis has hit organizations big time, and effects are already evident on the share market and other sectors like software and tourism. Outsourcing companies may have a reason to rejoice as they could profit in this period. The Indian Government has announced that Indian banks are safe, so your money’s not in danger (noone’s gona let you know when disaster strikes, so keep praying). Stay updated (don’t depend on me; I don’t read the newspapers or watch news too often! Find out and leme know as well!)

Another piece of news is that Mr. Narendra Modi has said that voting will be made compulsory, and people are venting their ire and discomfort with this statement. Hello?! I thought democracy was all about voting and choosing your own leaders! How does your NOT voting help the nation any? I just don’t understand what humans want...

Saturday today... Weekend time... I want to go to a pub, get smashed and dance like there’s no tomorrow. I want to take a vacation and go off somewhere where I can relax with a book, and watch the waves sipping on coffee and thinking a million deranged and irrational thoughts. Absolutely no disruptions in the form of phone calls or acquaintances.

But here I am, and I know I will do nothing of either sort. I will be the good gal who goes to M. G. Road, has a coffee, chats up with friends and returns home in time for dinner. How rightly do they say : Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere!

And finally, a fascinating tidbit from the useless knowledge widget that you can see on this page: Athazagoraphobia – this is the fear of being ignored or forgotten. I think I have it. And the fear of lizards. And also the fear of dirty animals, be it dogs or cats or whatever. And the fear of being embarrassed. And the fear of failure. And... I’m getting to be your regular hypochondriac. Shut me up, folks!

Ba-bye buddies! Happy weekend!

Lonely Princess

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sumant said...

Hey nice post..My take on the three points-

1.i remember one study done to assess the most patriotic citizens of the world. and they came to a conclusion that knowing the the anthem has nothing to do with the show of patriotism rather its imp to see the ability to come 2geder during the difiicult times.

2.The decision by Jet to reinstate the employees has nothing to with the pressure from political parties. Naresh Goyal is seasoned business tycoon. Jet incurs a daily loss of 10 crores and he will do anythin to cut the flab..But he will do that differently dis time.

3.Its very important to vote. rather dan cribbing abt the state of affairs, we shud all caste the vote..atleast to elect an lesser devil politician ;)

Keep writing..nice tits and bits

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