Wednesday, October 1


A new month, a new post.
Time’s flying and so are emotions and dreams...

She loves to walk the talk,
A bounce in every step;
A smile pasted on her lips,
She’s full of wit and pep.

Her eyes speak a million words,
As she gazes thoughtfully and frowns;
Causing those who knows her well,
Hearts that in anxiety and fear bounce.

A buddy with the guys,
Yet so much a lady;
Takes her time to open up,
Quick to perceive things shady.

Self-admittedly egoistic,
A Jane of every trade;
Objective yet sentimental,
Hardly snobbish or staid.

A life with no regrets,
A life like a queen;
She can be mellifluous like jelly,
She can be horrid and mean.

God’s favorite child,
A friend for all who need;
Crazy is her style,
She’s unique, indeed!

No points for guessing who I’m talking about... Aakhir kab tak apne poetic aesthetic mind ko apni khud ke suyogytata se juda rakhungi? Hehe...

I was just thinkin d other day... Freedom is sucha double-edged sword. Wid reference to parents and kids, freedom entails so many things that are crucial to a teenager’s existence; night-outs, parties, drinking/smoking, vocations and hobbies, gfs/bfs, and the like. To balance the kid’s safety and joy is a tricky task for the parents. For an employee, freedom means a lenient supervisor who doesn’t draw tight boundaries and fixed processes at work. Which poses the risk of the him/her going completely outa organizational ethical control. For a freelancer, freedom is gud when one’s got 10 assignments in the kitty; but when times are bad, the fixed retainer of a salaried employee seems enviable. Even wrt politics - Would you say India is better off free or was it ok during the times of the British? Sometimes, a semi-dictatorship doesn’t seem as bad as it sounds. Provided the “right” leader holds the reins... Who is “the right leader”? Well, all of us are “free” to judge...

Every situation and action has 2 choices, and we voluntarily make the choice. Under the influence of fear or confidence, knowledge or pseudo-helplessness, anger or contempt. I feel like laughing when people say they don’t/didn’t have an option. My uncle insists he’s trying to let go of the position he holds in different institutions and locations, that he’s stuck there despite wanting to enjoy his retirement years in peace. However, my entire family agrees that he is only saying that half-heartedly, that he can’t really bear to become a (comparatively) nobody once he relinquishes his power. My mum says she is bz all day wid housework and cant find time for herself. Yet, we see eye to eye when we recall the numerous times she’s gone off trekking and tripping to exotic locations, leaving the house to manage itself. And things have worked fine!

In the same way, each one of us as an individual, has an alternative to everythin we encounter and do in life. Be it in academics (don’t teme ur dad forced u to take up engineering; you dint hav the balls to stand up with conviction and say I want to do sumthin else) or careers (u were not coerced to take up a job, u chose it for reasons you kno but may not want to share) or spouses (same, u dint want to take a risk and you went the easier way) or anything else. You choose whether to be sweet to your juniors, or to treat them in an authoritative, derogatory manner. You select whether to eat outdoors or indoors. You opt for the red or green or yellow. And if someone decided for you, then you could pick wther to stand by that person’s opinion, or to voice your own preferences. Don’t teme you had no choice! You very well make your own choices... Whether you accept it wid courage or whether you make a 100 excuses and petitions to make yourself look vulnerable and bechara...

One thing I guarantee you; the day you start accepting responsibility for your actions and standing by your words, you’ll stop having regrets. And once you manage to do that, you will feel mo “in control” of your life. Aren’t we all finally running towards this single goal?

Make this choice. NOW.

Wish you luck!

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