Saturday, October 25

Happy Diwali!

Hey buddies!
Betcha missed me!
(PLEASEEEE say yessss... Oh pleaseeeee!!! Sniff sniff... I knew it all along!)
So, the festive season is here, and there's faraal (= the special delicacies associated with Diwali) doing the rounds... Tidy up, mate, the festival of lights is here!
Marigolds all around, in hues of orange and yellow,
Joy in every heart, and hope in minds mellow.

Hawkers on the streets, and shoppers in a rush,
Sweets of all shapes and colors, gifts rich and lush.

Greeting cards and reunions, not a moment dull,
Happiness from every quarter, over dreams and hopes mull.

As new wishes rise, throbbing pains die,
Children do the jig, and old folks sigh.

A bonus for everybody, and a holiday for all,
All and sundry merry at this yearly windfall.

Fireworks in the air, and sparklers in the heart,
Amid unity and love, evilness ripped apart.

As smiles fill the air, discriminations subside,
Diwali’s for the affluent, Diwali’s for the deprived.

As Rama returned home, darkness evaporated,
A million lights shown, and brightness dissipated.

Dress up in latest fashions, and deck up in jewels pretty,
Forget your petty worries, cherish the delights in your kitty.

Pleasure is our pal, say goodbye to grief and fear,
Happy Diwali, everybody; wish you a prosperous new year!

Here’s wishing you all a brilliant Diwali! May all your (decent) dreams come true!

My gift to you?
A looooooooooong weekend! (I’m of from today till the 29th!)

I’m sure you want to know what I want as a return gift... I’m very intuitive (
being a woman...), you see?!! I could have a list delivered to your doorstep in about a week, but for now, a comment on the blog would do! Thanks a ton!

See ya after the holidays!

(Did I hear a sign of relief??!! Must be the breeze or something....)

Hugs & kisses!

1 comment:

Sibi said...

happy diwali to u too princess.
Its really hard to believe u r not in bollywood writing songs or lyrics or u still havn't got a book published yet.Do u have a slight idea how nice the poem is?naaa i don't think so.but,after reading my post u may get a lil idea how it was to read.amazing...hey,thanks for the gift,a long weekend.n my gift to u will be my company all thru the weekend..hope u l like the gift..thanks for giving me the pleasure of being able to read sucha lovely poem...Again a very happy diwali to u n to your whole family...byeeee...

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