Friday, March 20

Aayi Re Khushi

Somebody very dear to me brought to my notice that I am adept at describing my sorrows, and I wax eloquent when it comes to my despair. Amazingly, I’m not as garrulous and animated when it comes to my joys and fun... Ahem.

As much as I would like to refute and deny this statement, I’m sheepishly going to admit that this is indeed true... But hey, I’ve already shared with you that
I find sorrow the most write-worthy of emotions. Somehow the words just flow when I think about loneliness and distress. Can’t help it. Blame the Cancer traits of moodiness and emotionality coupled with clarity and lucidity!

Anyway, to endorse the fact that I can describe my joyfulness, too, here is this post...

I made some
awesome, awesome tea for myself the other day after I went home from work. Usually, my Maa makes garam adraki chai for me and hands me my pet tumbler as I prop my legs up on the sofa and watch reruns of Friends, Roadies or Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma. On this fateful day, however, she was out, and I dreadfully needed a cuppa to soothe my body, mind and soul. I stood by the adage “Apna haath jagannath”, and was rewarded with a concoction that was perfect in terms of quantity, ginger-flavor, and sweetness. Cheers!!

I’ve actually considered cutting down my intake of tea and coffee, aerated drinks and other stuff that could affect my dental cavity filling of resin (a kind of plastic). My dentist says the resin filling is personalized to an individual’s tooth color, and it changes hues after a while thanks to our eating and drinking habits. While I’m not particularly fond of all the colas, I sure enjoy a Pepsi at the movies and a Mountain Dew with pizza. The rest of the times, it’s Maaza or Orange juice for me... But how the hell can I do without my daily dose of chai...??!!! Not happening, buddy.

Moving on, the next bit is about the
GMAT. I have this gut feeling I’m gona do pretty well on the test. (Don’t ask me why, I really don’t know, and my revision can by no means be judged exceptional or extraordinary.) So well, that’s another reason to rejoice, and I’m working towards completing the official guide soon.

Put your hands together to applaud the deadly diva who scored a massive 28416 on
Snake!! That’s a whopping three times of my previous high score! Rigga-ding-ding-ding... Yiipppeeee!!!

Well, was about to forget the bestest of things that occurred this week. I went for an excellent and unplanned lunch with my dear pal, and the meal was terrific! It’s been ages since I had GOOD chicken with complete merriment. What used to mar my experience over the last few months were the chefs at local restaurants and my dental health. But with the
irritating tooth outta the way and a competent cook to fulfill my fantasies, I guess there was no way my goal could not be attained. Cheers to Sibi, and cheers to Avees!! (This place is located on Karve Road near Kalmadi High school, and I swear by their Roti and Butter Chicken!! Great quantity, great taste!!)

Too many good news-es... You wouldn’t mind if I shared something off-topic, would you?!

Two ugly lizards have migrated from god knows where to our kitchen at home. Each time I go to get a drink or a munch, they are hanging there upside down, peering at me, watching my every move. Another one has moved house to our office. Grrr... Psyches me out! What the hell do they want?!! Can’t they just mind their own business and stop glancing at me dangerously?! Crazy creatures...

I have a phobia of lizards, and I ABSOLUTELY hate them. Was stuck for 3 hours as a child in the bathroom with 3 lizards scattered around the spot – one on the door, two on the adjacent walls. Whichever direction I moved or tried to make them move, I was the one who was jumping in anxiety and horror. Hate hate hate them.... Ugly, repulsive beasts... Black or white, they’re all disgusting and creepy...

(I've also discovered a weird clapping sound in our balcony at home. It's highly sinister - a gigantic lizard? A musical mouse? A drunk squirrel? Something else? Thank God I sleep in the other bedroom...)

Lets end with some trivia:
Sneezing – I read somewhere that sneezing causes some brain cells to die, and I recently learnt that it also causes your heart to skip a beat... Which is why people say “Bless you” when someone sneezes. Of course olden tales say that a sneeze was somehow related to evil spirits...

Men enjoy whistling while they pee – I’m not sure how the two functions are related, but I’m guessing the joint implementation is highly enjoyable. Whatever works!!

Happy weekend, fellas! I'm off to Lonavala for an LnT program. Shall let you know how it went! You take care and have fun :-)


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Sibi said...

Hey Princess finding happiness in every single thing tat happens is the key to life.I wish everybody in this world read yo post bat 'A beautiful Day' and they decide nothing will go wrong with me today.
Lizard is so cute y do u hate it:-)
Thanks to you i had chicken without planing and it was awesome.Even the service was fast..
Have a good weeknd Princess..Njoy...


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