Tuesday, March 24

Kaam-a-Kaaj-ee (Kamikaze?!!)


Most of you must have read the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (and the other sequels). Wana know the Seven Habits of Me?!!

1. I can be an expert at guiding and counseling, but I can also be a terrible listener in love with the sound of my own voice.
2. I shop anywhere, but I won’t eat at tin tappar bhojanalays and never-been-there-before tthelas.
3. I look up each time the sky rumbles as an aeroplane passes, but I sometimes purposely ignore or feign disinterest when someone is trying hard to convey a message.
4. I pride myself on my forthrightness and independence, yet I need a soul-mate who I can run to when a small worry, joy or sorrow is on my mind.
5. I get hurt at the slightest of things, and I remain calm in the toughest of waters. I cry buckets in silly emotional movies, and somehow the tears never quite dry up despite facing the same life situations and callous people innumerable times.
6. If there is tons to accomplish, I want a break. If I’m on a vacation, I want something to do.
7. I won’t think twice before I spend money on expensive and unnecessary luxuries like marshmallows and hookah, but I will look at the rickshaw meter as it adds up every rupee to the fare.

Now whether these are effective or not, that’s an open forum for discussion. But, that’s me... And I’m ok with it :-)

back from Lonavala; the LnT program went delightfully well. The corporate MDC (Management Development Centre) is a grand place and its awesomeness had me spellbound – lush green and cosmic lawns, refreshing lotus ponds, well-arranged learning halls, spotless and comfortable rooms and dining hall... A complete 10 on 10.

(The food could have been better, though, but I’m not complaining. The service and courtesy of the staff more than made up for it. Way to go, people! Take a bow and keep it up!!)

Wish I could go there for a relaxing vacation, but I think they cater to only their own LnT BUs (business units) and other companies that are looking for venues to host their training/development programs.

Speaking about our sessions, they were super fun. I observed and conducted a few activities that I hadn’t before; the team was a group of brilliant engineers who accomplished every task we set for them. Of course a few people commanded more of my attention than the rest...

A young sardar who looked deceptively silly (I donno how most of them manage to give that look so convincingly!) but was a bundle of laughter once he started speaking – his Punjabi accent, booming voice, shrewd and quick sense of humor, twinkling eyes and domineering attitude. I loved the way he assumed control and guided everyone successfully and respectfully.

A man who resembled a gorilla with his cheeks, nose and ears bursting out of the dumbfold we provided for an activity... I'd dismissed him as a dumb character, but respect dawned when I came to know that he was an IIT-passout! How human perceptions change within seconds, na?!! ;-)

A bunch of young lads who kept cracking clever jokes that kept the team energetic and entertained.

A woman who seemed to have a uphill story of her own... And the counselor inside me was drawn to her instantly...

A man who irritated me with his “Bezically” (=basically) and interminable, lackluster sermons.

A man who kept picking his nose constantly... (Eeyuckkk! How can you do that so calmly and un-self-consciously in public?!!)

And well... others special in their own different ways... and a few forgettable ones, too...

To cut a long story short, we had a great time, and the group enjoyed themselves too as they gained insights about themselves and their teams. I learnt quite a bit about the MBTI and Appreciative Inquiry (AI), and most importantly, these 2 days served as a change from my usual routine and usual folks. Cheers!

I'm amazed at how I eat like a giant when I'm out on such programs and off-sites. Looks like all the fresh air and running around really does me good. My mum would be so happy to see me wolfing down rotis and rice, snacks and fruits! All without any prodding or requesting!

(Another piece of news is that I drew an apple - an imperfect one - by my standards this time, and the boss didn't complain or comment, so I'm guessing she was content with it. Hushhh!!!)

The two days flew, and now comes the drab part - we’re shifting our office premises, so there’s a whole lot of packing and filing that needs to be done. Will connect with you whenever I can.

Hope you doin well!



Sibi said...

Wowww very informative things about you in here...Not for me of corz:-)You are awesome and you are perfect.The main thing that i like bat u is that u know your strngth and you know the places whr you are weak.You know wat u have to do if a situation comes up.
Well, I wud like to that MBTI thing over the weeknd to myself better if I can.
M so happy that u ate a lot there.U shud do that more frequently..Khana peena jeena..Watsay....Have a good day...

Princess said...

Hehehe... U know how I turn to peer at silly small boutiques on the road even after I've just bought all that I need... And about the khana also... how I don't touch my mouth to the glass, preferrin to use a straw instead... kitna takleef hota na tumko ;-) nakhrewaaaaliii...

Oye ek website hai jispe u can get a rough idea about ur MBTI tpye. but office mein nahi khulegi na link?

Chalo dekhte hai...
Okkkuuuu baaayee :)

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