Wednesday, March 18

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Oye dost-log!
How’s it going?!

Me doing fine, finished the
Shalya Parva, Sauptika Parva and Stree Parva in the Mahabharata, and simultaneously working on GMAT as well. Bought a new book – Barron’s TOEFL for self-study. Tayaari major types hai, but actual padhai kitni hai... Now that’s a good Q!

Speaking about the Kaurava-Pandava war, Shalya is now dead, so are Uluka, Shakuni and the rest. Among the Kauravas, there remain just four survivors – Duryodhana, Ashwatthama, Kripa and Kritavarman. When the Pandavas discover Dury healing his wounds under the Dwaipayana lake, they challenge him for a final bout that would conclude the war, leading to a single victor. Thus follows the gada-yuddha (=mace-fight) between Dury and Bheema.

This section is an amazing piece of drama – the foolhardy nobility of Yudi, the description of the combat between the two mighty cousins, and the verbal duels amongst Krishna, Balarama, the Pandavas and Duryodhana. Dury is felled by treachery (just like all the other great warriors in the battle). As usual, it is Krishna to the rescue, who reminds Bheema of his oath by slapping his thigh. The only pure thing about this is, that dying at Samantapanchaka, Dury is bound to attain a place in heaven. Thanks to Gandhari's boon, and Balarama's choice of location. The minute Dury dies, Sanjaya's miraculous vision that helped him relate every detail of the war to Dhritarashtra, is gone.

The Sauptika Parva, a mere 25 pages, tells how the new commander appointed by the dying Dury - Ashwatthama (Drona’s son) gets a wild idea from a white owl - to attack the Pandava camp in the night when they were not expecting it and were least prepared. To avenge this brutal and horrific act, when Arjuna and Ashwatthama loosen the Bramhasirsa on each other, Vyasa and Narada stop them, and as the latter cannot call back his astra, it destroys the wombs of all Pandava women. Krishna curses Ash that he would live until the end of the kali yuga, see a Pandava king (Parikshit) rule the earth and roam friendless and alone, with his forehead gemstone stripped from him.

This is followed by the Stree Parva (again just 20 pages) where Gandhari curses Krishna for causing the maha-yuddha, and says that the Yadavas will kill each other and Krishna will die a lonely death. The way Govinda accepts and rationalizes this is truly smart! Also how he protects Bheema from treacherous Dhritarashtra, when the patriarch wished to kill his nephew by clasping him tight. What creates giggles is the way Arjuna runs to escape Gandhari's vision, when her blindfold slips while crying.
(Yudi's toenails are burnt black coz she has so much power in her virgin eyesight, that she relinquished when she married Dhri.)

Now comes the Shanti Parva and Anushasana Parva - combined and condensed into 35 pages from the original Ganguli text of a 1000 pages. 130 pages to end this saga...

The other day I called a friend’s mum who trains students for English competitive exams. I wanted some guidance and tips to tackle the TOEFL, a necessary test to determine English language competency in order to study abroad. While I was told the test is no big deal, I am pretty anxious about it; it looks vast and intimidating.

I expected the friend’s mother to tell me a few things about the best way to study and approach the exam. What I heard her say, was her rates for coaching – a cool 12-18k for just about 20-24 hours.
(So much for business-mindedness! Weighing each word and parting with the least possible info is sure something we need to learn from these people.)

(This kinda reminds me of an encounter I had with her daughter once 4 years ago. We were planning to go to some education fair at the Taj Blue Diamond, and she offered to take her vehicle. I was a tad shocked by her generosity, until I realised she wanted me to pay her 50 bucks coz she had filled fuel worth 100. Sala auto se 30 rupaye lagta!! Nonsense... Chindee chors...)

(I'm not naming communities here, but take a hint... Dare you say Marwaris! Marwaris excel at bargaining, but they don’t shy away from helping their own kind.)

Anyways, I straight went to Landmark and purchased Barron’s guide on TOEFL. I’m hoping this will sort out my apprehension and help me score well on the test. At the moment, I’m recuperating from the stress that was created as I flipped through the pages to get an idea about what I was in for... Whew... Tough work...

Hey, ye toh bataya hi nahi... I met this girl last week – an ex-school-friend’s girlfriend – who is a student of media and research. She is doing a study on Indian bloggers and their blogging habits. I felt quite like a celebrity as I answered her questions sipping on a coffee ;-)

So, here’s the deal – any of you desi bloggers, 18-40 years old, currently active on the blogging scene - if you’re willing to invest a little bit of your time and help my friend, do write me a note. I’m sure she’d appreciate it. All you need is a voice-chat connection (she needs to record what you say, authenticity-sake) and spare time on your hands. She has said she will keep the identities and responses confidential, and the study is solely for academic purposes.

Hey, I managed to catch Roadies last Sunday. I missed the one before that, so I was a little lost to see Bobby, Kiri and Sandeep replaced by Gurmeet (aka Palak), Nauman and Sufi. Tamanna is voted out. NOW the competition is fair and honest.
(Of course, Palak on screen is a rape on the eyes and ears, but so is Paulami.)

Have you seen the new and absolutely brilliant DLF IPL ad? “Kabhi 100 karod logo ko ek saath ek hi cheez karte dekha hai? Ek desh, Ek junoon”... Crisp, effective and energetic. Mind-blowing advertisement. Also mindblowing is the fact that nowadays TV channels are airing the latest and hittest movies barely weeks/months after their release! I caught glimpses of Fashion and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na on Sunday.

A news for you people – I’m planning to blog less frequently. There is no single reason for my decision, it’s just been on my mind for a while... I’ll drop in a line now and then, and I may resume my daily rants with the usual gusto when my heart misses you!

Doesn’t mean I’ll forget you... I promise... You won’t either, right?!!
Be good :-)



Sibi said...

Mast parva chal re mahabharat mein.Aree tum mast hai re..Mast score karogi GMAT mein.Hey tat was realy funny haan 50rs wala fuel ke liye..Kaise hote hain na log..Palak is back?Yuks...Well i say a few things bat your blog to her,a little praise bat yo blog...OK?

Princess said...

A little praise about my blog to Palak?? What would she do with it?? Guess you mean my researcher friend :-) Thanks for the offer, but I think she's just wants to assimilate the habits and personalities of bloggers...

Good day!

Sibi said...

Oh sentence construction problem...u got it wat i wanted to say...

Princess said...

Sentence construction!! Aur kuch term nahi mila kya terko!! Mere dimag meing day and night ghoomte rehta hai - Critical Reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Sentence Construction, Reading Comprehension, Quant and Verbal... ufff... And as if that wasn't enuf, abhi TOEFL ka aur... Phate haal hai boss... full latkesh... Mummaaaaaaaa

SandeepRajSharma said...


may i know which which book are you reading Mahabharat from?



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