Saturday, March 7

Born Free


Did the title remind you of Elsa, the lion? It was a wonderful movie - Born Free, and the sequel Living Free.

A poem this time... Coz each one of us here is Born Free... And deserves to live happily...

Another blank verse (incidentally,
the last one was also on love, though it was merrier ...)


When I said I love you,
You said “I know”.
I doubt it...
Do you really?

I don’t know what makes me think,
I know love better,
And though I respect and cherish yours,
I don’t see the same mirrored.

So, what?
We are two different individuals,
We can’t be the same!
Funny, we thought we were, earlier...

It hurts me, this distance and detachment,
But being together was not the paradise we imagined.
As my sacrifices and feelings go unseen,
My soul remains incomplete and tarnished.

Fools fall in love,
And it is idiotic still to let the loved one know,
Exactly how much he/she is needed,
Though that probably is the first thing that is noticed.

You doubted my commitment and loyalty,
And frankly, it’s better that way,
Yet I hate the surrounding hypocrisy,
Which makes me adhere to your rules anyway.

Those that receive a grain of rice,
Rejoice till kingdom come,
The one that commands a sackful,
Fumes why his hunger is insatiated.

A thousand ways to show I care,
A thousand acts of love,
Yet I’m left with this empty hollowness,
That I’m failing, I’m still falling short, I’ll never be what you want.

I know what I felt for you,
I am aware what I feel still...
Some things are meant to be forever,
So what if people are blind and cynical?

Fly away, go... Just go...
Find what makes you happy,
Leave me with my loneliness,
At least the wounds will fill up some day...

- Lonely Princess


Denis Thomas said...

There's MUSIC playing in these lines as I read across them!!!

Sibi said...

There's no rhyming there's no music but still its so melodious..Every word that you wrote is not just a word.It conveys much more than what a word can say..Admire your writing abilities.Your are a gifted kid..

Poornima Seetharaman said...

Nice one!
I do write some poetries myself and usually prefer rhyming words but sometimes, emotions are best conveyed the way they come to our mind. This one is like that... Keep writing more! :)

insouciant iks said...

loved it. 3 cheers to ur writing skills

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