Monday, March 16

Creepy crawlies

This post isn’t about bugs and insects.

It’s about another species of creeps. Read M-E-N.

(Sorry guys, I ain’t on your side this time. I know I wrote about fun stuff on
gender benders before, but you gotta excuse me this once. Will make it up someday...)

Note : This post is entirely on the masculine gender and how troublesome they are. If you have any problems with the said topic, please stop reading this and explore the rest of the blog. Thanks.

P.S. Note : I also know there are exceptions to everything, and I’m not denying that. So, if something looks objectionable to you women (and the guys who are still reading despite the above warning), I sincerely apologize.

I’m not writing this post coz men constantly feature in my list of irritating issues; you know I often say they’re much better than women as buddies. However, more than a few times now, I’ve come across other women who are losing their calm and joy thanks to the men in their life.

A fellow blogger is hurt time and again when her male companion seems distant and uncaring. A woman I know goes out of her way to keep her husband and son happy, but cries each night coz their heartless, uncalled-for behavior stings her. A lady who is independent and brusque in the face of the entire world cowers as her husband throws silly tantrums. A young man hates the way his bro-in-law mistreats his sis and niece...

The above statements are not fictional or imaginary. Nor are they my personal instances. I have met thousands of men in various roles (friend, father, husband, colleague, son, brother, uncle, teacher, student, and so on), and 80% of them think they rule the world, that all feminine folk are their slaves and/or inferiors. I could count on my fingertips, the men I know who respect their wives, support her dreams against the world and take any nonsense that she offloads. The women don’t have a choice, but to do the above. It’s their dharma...

Whether a woman is a working professional or a housewife, the man expects her to tend to the house and family, despite her challenges and troubles. (Which I don’t object to, but that doesn’t mean the woman has no right to sit back and relax as she watches TV after a hard day at work.) Men desire royal treatment, that the woman be home before he gets there, that there’s a
steaming cup of tea ready for him as the woman stands near him and enquires amorously about his day.

A woman always behaves as a mother, a man is forever the baby. Boyfriends or dads, brothers or uncles, a female cares for them at any age as if they were children. All she asks for in return, is to be loved daily and pampered once in a while. You give her a roseleaf, and she’ll present you a bouquet of blood-red roses that she plucked as the thorns pricked her.

A woman bargains at ever shop and counter to save your money, but she never haggles in her love for you. That is the one thing that is perfect and pure. She maybe a teenager, an adult or a wrinkly granny; but she knows what her man wants, and she’ll cross a hundred mountains to be there for him. That’s devotion.

She hears things the man neither says nor knows himself, and takes every care to see his pain alleviated and his mind at peace. Her way of loving is asking questions and talking about things that are a part of her man’s life and routine. The men hear the questions, but ignore the feeling behind them. And then they yell, criticize, and wound with their scalding words. What does the woman do? Cry a few tears, and make rash promises to herself that she forgets the moment her man holds and cuddles her.

Left alone, a woman can fend for herself and those that depend on her, all her life. A
widowed man remarries the very next month. Girlfriends and married women abused by their partners stick on for the relation to survive. But men can’t bear it if their girlfriend laughs long and loud at a guy-friend’s joke.

Luck by Chance? The girl celebrates the guy’s achievement, but the guy doesn’t care about her ambitions. He puts himself first and foremost. The girl risks her mum’s wrath and infamy by creeping into the room of the guy she loves. The guy doesn’t miss a chance to cozy up; his ambition is greater than his morality. When sad, guilty, or lonely, the man wants his woman near him, sympathetic and loving (heaven protect her if she concurrently happens to be glad about something in her life.)

A guy expects his girl to forgive him a thousand times, and still doesn’t hesitate before hurting her the thousand-and-one-th time. The girl knows him inside out, like he himself doesn’t (and if he does, he doesn’t accept).

When her peace, joy, desires go down the drain, she still bears no ill will, but knows it’s time to end what’s hurting. Long after the two part, she cherishes the fond memories and doesn’t wash dirty linen in public. She seems to have moved on physically, but mentally and emotionally, she still carries her man in her heart until the end of time.

At least 80% of them do.

The rest, well, they’re showing how men and women are equals in every way...

Time’s are changing... I’m not saying all women are sabhya Hindustani naari either. I’ve heard, seen and experienced that the fairer sex can be as ruthless (sometimes more) than the males. But hey, this post was about men, awrite... Shall write about the other side of the coin the minute tolerance levels run out!

Until then!


Unknown said...

The only thing I can say is "Time’s are changing... "

Sibi said...

Very true...Agree with you 80% ARE like that..Correct judgement..
Well i hope we all understand each other and live a happy life together...


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