Friday, March 6

What’s on TV?

You might have read / heard this famous quote that I caught on Discovery Travel and Living : It’s good to have an end to journey towards, but it’s the journey that matters in the end. (Just thought I’d share it with you...)

Did you watch the latest episode of
MTV Roadies? It was by far the bestest one until now. (Actually, all the contestants are so thhakela and pakela, that any amount of effort by Raghu, Nature Baba, Danger Debbie and their crew is rendered futile.)

However, this one was different. After irritating Dev (thankfully) got kicked out coz of his over-smartness, it was Roop’s turn to be voted out. The remaining 9 Roadies – Polomi (wonder how she survived this long), Samrat (looks the most promising and deserving, but politics will kill him sooner or later), Bobby (cool Delhi-ite), Kiri (crazy chinki), Natasha (grr... sucha galling female – she’s made too many enemies too soon), Sandeep (the head behind the plots), Tamanna (I like her guts, though she has a constant frown on her face), Pradeep (lukda-sukda scheming Sikh), and Suzy (Pune gal who is no more on the show) – journeyed to Silvassa and had to wrestle each other for immunity. Nats and Samrat won, and here comes the brainwave – the twist in the tale - you either get immunity or 2 lacs cash : What would you choose?!!

The task was archery, and both failed (I don’t know genuinely or intentionally) to hit the target which Rannvijay (watta cutie he is!) effortlessly marked. Result – both immune, and Suzanna had to leave. The rest are now packing their bags for Australia, and Raghu has warned that the things they will be doing there will be outrageous and extraordinary. I’m all geared up!
(FYI : Due to the change in time zones, the show will now be broadcast on Sundays at 7 instead of Saturday.)

(You are welcome.)

What's happening on MTV, is that the
Dance Crew show is over, and Splitsvilla is kicking off its new season soon, which that crazy adorable dude Nikhil Chinappa will be hosting. There are 9 men and 9 women this time, and I'm wondering what the concept will be... Watch Baalika Vadhu on Colors for a lot of rona-dhona, coz they're showing all the last rites of the dead groom... The way they've picturised it is really heart-rending and tearful...

Talking about the TV, did you check out the Sajid Khan-Ashutosh Gowariker argument at the Star Screen Awards? I am not too keen on all these award functions and TV shows, so I didn’t know about this until a socially-aware friend told me about it. It was uber cool!! Full danga-fasaad...

Thank God for the internet. I quickly googled the fight, and viewed the clip on Youtube. (Wonder whoever in the world has all the time to record and upload this stuff, but whoever it is, sure helps disseminate the info! Thanks, webbers!) I even read about the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan on the web news portals. If it weren’t for these sites, I’d be left clueless and unaware about everything that’s happening around us.

Be it surfing for work-related research, or staying on top of the news flashes, the world wide web is my savior. I don’t even have time in the morning to glance at the newspapers, and whoever can watch Aaj Tak and NDTV for news all day?!! Times of India online gives me the pleasure of reading a newspaper, even as Google news gives me other reports. And I must say, I enjoy this online customized version more than the hard copies we get at home. Typical Gen Y-cal, eh?

Didn’t give you folks a detailed review of the movie
Delhi 6 coz I didn’t go for it. I heard awful evaluations that made me want to skip the torture. I anyways am not crazy about Abby Baby (though I enjoy his freestyle dance and humor) and I find Sonam very unattractive, so wasn’t too tough a decision...

The film is about the Monkey Man story that rocked the country capital some years ago, and the Hindu Muslim riots that occurred thereafter. The songs are pretty cool, though – Masakkali, the title track Ye Dilli Hai Mera Yaar, Gendaphool... Very distinctive beats. India ki shaan -
Rahman at work again, what else can one expect?!!

I was checking out the upcoming movies on
this site and I’m wondering why half the movies are being made... I mean it takes no genius to predict that the movies will be duds. Of this list, I’m sure to watch Big B’s Alladin, Dulha Mil Gaya, 3 Idiots and Munnabhai... Maybe even 13B, Main aur Mrs. Khanna, Taalismaan and Alibaug... But Horn OK Please, Himesh’s Kajraare, Jai Veeru and Jail? Jeez... Some people got tons of time and money to waste... Count me out!

Hey! I’m pleased to tell you, readers, that
the friend I wrote to a while ago has landed a job as a counselor with a reputed institute. She now stays busy throughout the week, and I hope she has better things to think and agonize over than men, guys and males.

Right now what’s getting very worrisome for me is the fact that I’m glued to my
new Nokia cell phone, courtesy another S addiction. This time it’s the game Snake III. I love the Adventure mode, where there is plenty of food, obstacles, time limit and you need to cross a certain stage before the gates open to the next level. My high scores so far are 375 in Classic, 505 in Custom, and 4994 in Adventure. Yippeeee...

Time to run. Be back tomorrow... A very special poem ready to be posted...


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