Thursday, March 5

Beautiful Day

She walked past the toy store. A song on her lips. Her hair bouncing with every step she took. It was a beautiful day.

Hey best friend had just hung up on her. Another silly argument. There was nothing she could do about it but wait. It would blow over. They could never stay angry at each other for long.

Jeez. this was just like the stupid fights she read and laughed over in her teenage novels...

She reached the bus stop. Number 54 was nowhere in sight. She checked her watch. 15 minutes to get to work.

The florist smiled at her as she stood waiting. He knew she loved flowers. She eyed them every morning and evening. "Might as well buy a bunch for myself", she thought. Those pretty multihued ones in red, pink, yellow. They made her feel alive...

A coin rolled away.

As she stooped over to pick it up, the bus breezed past her.

No worries. It was a lovely day. She’d just walk the few blocks to work.

The coffee bar was full at this time of the day. Rush hour. A chocolate bar would be just as nice, she said. She looked over to the grocery shop with the CLOSED sign. No problemo. Later.

Beep beep. 1 new message.
Hey baby, wana go dancing tonight?

Crazy Brad. Did he really think she’d go out with him?!!

Tap tap tap. Thanks for the offer. Some other day, perhaps... Yumm, what an aroma! Someone was baking coconut cookies...

Beautiful day.

She looked up from her cell-phone. An old lady was standing on the pavement with an armful of shopping bags.

“Hello, Aunty! Need a hand?”

The woman smiled. Relieved. She held her hand as she scooped up all her bags and walked slowly across the road. “Rickshaw!”

“There you go, Aunty. Oh, and you can have these as well. Have a good day!”

The woman beamed as she looked at the flowers. The auto drove away. It was an amazing day.

Cars halted at a signal as she crossed the town square. A young biker skidded to a stop, landing into a puddle. Three bold droplets on her new beige trousers. He looked at her sheepishly. “That’s ok... Ride safe!”

Nothing could ruin her perfect day. She walked on.

Aah, the jewelry store. She always paused here to take a look at the displays. Sparkling sapphires and dashing diamonds. Enchanting emeralds and ravishing rubies. Ornately carved and set in gold, silver, white metal, platinum...

An old man sighed near her. She smiled at him. “Got two rings, dunno which one to take.”

She looked at his hands. Two radiant pearls. “Umm, that one’s prettier. And she can wear it everyday!” He smiled at her. “She’ll love it.” Wave.

Sucha brilliant day...

Tring tring. “Yes, Mamma.”

”Beta, there’s a rishta for you. Handsome boy. Wealthy family. They’ve sent the pictures and kundali.”
“You at work?”
“Walking down.”
“What happened to your vehicle?”
“Ran out of fuel.”
Papa ne petrol nahi bhara na? Kaha tha maine unse....”
“Maaa... It’s ok, I’m almost there.”
“OK. Take care baccha.”
“Love you Mom.”

A hoarding announced the launch of her favorite author’s new paperback. She’d check it out on her way back home. She loved going to the bookstore.

Handsome guy! Smirk. Mum looked at every boy as a potential suitor for her daughter. Parents!

“What about love?” a friend had asked.
“What about it?”
“Will you love the guy your parents choose?”
“I don’t know.”
“You don’t know?!”
“I loved once, I’m not sure anymore...”
“So nothing. Let fate decide for me.”
“And what if you find love after you marry?”
“That’s a chance I’ll have to take, sweetie.”

She reached her office complex. She grinned at the watchman on duty. He blinked back at her suspiciously.

It was a beautiful day.

-Lonely Princess


Denis Thomas said...

Just one word to describe your blog - Alive!!!

Sibi said...

Wowwwwwwwww it surely did made my day beautiful..2 Q's.
1. How do u think so brilliantly?
2.How do u put it in words so brilliantly?
You know m fine if there are no ans for them coz its awesome to read wat u write...Really...HAve a very wndrful and beautiful day my Princess...

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