Monday, December 1

Tiresome-Typing Post-Picnic

Hey fellas!

Betcha missed me ;-)

I've been having an
amazing time over the weekend, as I went on a picnic with a friend and his colleagues. A gang of 24 (including me), we left our marks at Mulshi first (Sardarji's Paradise Cafe zindabad!) followed by Shrivardhan and then Diveagar on the Konkan coast. Every joint in my body is screaming Aaaahhh - Oooohh... Only I (and the other 23) know how we're gona report to work today. AND sit through the entire day...

But, it goes without saying that I had a brilliant time. Had so much fun on the beach after ages, overcame some of my inhibitons, stopped bothering about cleanliness and routine quite so much, and most importantly, went outa the city for a wonderful break, without worrying or planning. (You know I've been
wanting to go on vacation for the last century!)

Will give ya the details some other day. Right now my fingers and forearms are begging for mercy!

I didn't forget ya, I promise!

Oh ya, and some news that my "khabari" keep me updated on : Chidambaram is the new Home Minister, and Deputy CM Patil has resigned, all in the wake of the Mumbai terror-scene. There is also some chaos happening in Bangkok as the airport is shut down and people are stranded. I don't read/hear/watch the news diligently or regularly, so I don't know much. Check NDTV for the latest updates.
(Here's the link to save you the trouble -

Love ya bloggies!

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Sibi said...

huhhh.wat a trip ya.people can feel the pain in my body from my walk.But but but the trip was an ultimate they say no pain no gain,so in fronta of the masti n majja d pain is negligible.Thanks for coming.Have a painfree day:-)byeeee.

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