Friday, December 19

Striking a balance

When we were younger, we learnt that balancing is no easy job. But at that time, things were a lot simpler. All we had to balance was our bicycles.

In our enthusiasm, we mounted the bicycle, and in our attempt to ride, we fell off a hundred times. Yet, we kept at it relentlessly, neither our vigor nor our dedication giving away. We request our parents’ and siblings’ assistance, and we finally learn to ride... Feels like flying... Free, liberated, boundless...

And then we grew up.

We realized that there was more to life than just our family or the bike. The cluster of people enlarged from a few to few thousand, and the count of activities ranged from ten to ten million. We learnt that life is not orderly and mutually exclusive. That just coz I’m busy in the kitchen doesn’t mean the irate postman at the door is going to wait patiently until the boiling milk simmers down. There are numerous things and many of them occur all at once.

Which is why we need to choose. Life is all about choices. Choices we make, and those that were made for us. Choices that we have, and those that are thrust upon us. Whether to stay home with parents on New Year’s eve and watch TV so they feel happy, or to paint the town red with the gang. Whether to take the job with a good pay packet, or to volunteer for the local NGO. Whether to invest your money now, or to just buy that stunning outfit you’ve been eyeing for the last week...

I mentioned in a previous post that
people who make choices willingly lead hard lives. But then, they at least know their destination, and they find their paths. (Or would you rather trudge through the murky shadows, with no idea about where you’re coming from and where you’re headed?)

Point noted. We need to make choices. And if we can’t, then we need to strike a balance. A finer one than merely holding our feet off the ground and balancing the handle like we did in childhood.

And it’s not just about multitasking. It’s about simultaneously doing more than one thing, and doing all of them to the best of your ability. Not just completing the task, but exceeding expectations. Maintaining equilibrium, (remember when we ride, we need to curve one way at times and bend the other way at other occasions) and at the same time, ensuring that the symmetry is “just right”... na zaada na kam... Not a little more, and not a little less... It has to be perfect. Every situation is unique, each person is different. And the keywords for success are “personalize” and “customize”.

Difficult, true. Impossible, maybe. But then, you have already made your choice about what deserves more weightage. The principles of symmetry are laid down by your needs and evaluations, your priorities and analysis.

What am I talking about? Leave that to you to decipher... My only proposition is - make a choice, and make it NOW. Procrastination won't get you anyplace.
Other updates for you - I'm juggling between the facts and interpretations of the events and characters in the
Mahabharata by Vyas muni. The Palace of Illusions portrayed Draupadi as a bechari kanya who had to endure pain and dilemma coz she was shared by 5 husbands, but apparently the modern rendering I'm reading says she pretty much wanted this decision herself! I know every book as it's own construal, and every author his own understanding of different tales. However, we cannot possibly fool around or take it lightly when it comes to the feelings of such a pivotal character!

A few readers of my blog well-versed with the Mahabharata have also commented on the inaccuracy of the Mahabharata events and emotions that I've shared on this platform. I'm sorry for the errors, but you see, I just share what I read. No personal assumptions or implications. How I wish I could actually go back in time, and see the real characters and episodes... And then come back here and put it up for you to see and react!

Hope you've latched on to the
reading habit... in a small way, if not majorly... Every bit counts!Dream on!


Sibi said...

Hey princess well u seem to have struk the balance very well..Being a kid was so awesome na...Wish i was a kid for some mo years..Ya life is all bat choices.For some v stay happy and for some choices tat v made v crib.Yes its bat maintaining the equilibrium.I wish life was as simple as riding a bicycle.Obviously without the tyre bein punctured...Good one to read princess..Njoy as weeknd is closeby....

sumant said...

nice post..its all about choices u make in life.

lemuel said...

striking a balance in life is really difficult. for me, the challenge is how to balance being a good provider for my family and spending more quality time for them. thanks!

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