Tuesday, December 9

And life goes on...

I cry myself to sleep every night
I don’t know what I’m waiting for,
Seeking peace and a little joy
Neither jewels and luxuries nor.
Each day is the same as I wearily tread,
Till dusk from dawn,
The days of adventure and reckless abandon,
Are so long gone.
Had I been a tad more desperate,
I’d surrender myself to God
I’d have given up on my existence,
No matter if it’s craven or odd...
I know no one’s content,
That nobody leads a life ideal,
But somehow being in my shoes,
The agony is much real.
I appear to have lost all hope,
As wrongdoers bask in fun and bliss,
Things that bother me no end,
Civilization seems to allow this!
As I rant on and crib,
I feel so absurd and frivolous,
I live through days dreary,
And sob through nights delirious.
Don’t get me wrong,
I ain’t complaining;
I’m sharing life with you
And for action or contentment, waiting...

-Lonely Princess


Sibi said...

Touched my heart completly.U very good at expressing feelings thru words.amazing poem,amazing.
Hope yo wait gets over soon.

The Gal said...

loved your poem.

The Gal said...

loved your poem

Princess said...

Thanks guys!

Love ya :)


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