Monday, December 29

Zindagi ka Safar

Zindagi ka safar, hai ye kaisa safar,
Koi samjha nahi, koi jaana nahi...

Ever wondered how some people battle and emerge victorious at the bleakest of times, and how some crumble at the teeniest hint of trouble? Ever noticed how some folks get the best of things without striving much and how some break their bones trying to achieve a goal, and pass out a millimeter short of the destination?

Call it Karma, Luck, Destiny or Fate.
What is in store for you, you will definitely receive. No one can take it away from you.

It’s all in your Kismet (aka Kismat).

Like in the
Mahabharata, when Dhritarashtra gave the Pandavas the most barren and desolate of areas as their future kingdom to rule, Yudhishtira accepted it without a protest. (Love Krishna’s dialogue here – His words are warm, but the heart is cold.) The new king was not destined to live in miserable quarters, and so Khandavaprastha became Indraprastha, the most thriving and stunning empire of the country, reinvented by magic and mysticism.

(Also, in Ghajini, that I saw the day before, there was no reason why the phoren-return, rich, ambitious, handsome and destined-for-good-times Sanjay "Amir" Singhania should land up with a blow on his head that ruined his life and love... But naseeb ke aage kaun kya sakta hai?!!)

Life is a full circle, I think I’ve said this before. The good that you do unto others will return to you, as will the bad. Nothing is forgotten or overlooked. Even when the people involved move on from incidents and sentiments, the account is still pending until the time justice is done and fairness is established. If I trouble someone, it’s gona come back to me, some way or the other, at some time or the other. And it may not return the same way, in the same form, as it was at first. It will change into a phenomenon that will affect me in a comparable manner, and only then is the story complete.

(Did I make sense or was I too philosophical a moment ago? Can’t record examples and personal observations on this page; it would be too private and delicate. Chew those brains, people!)

Does that mean you control nothing in your life? No. You do. How you construe a particular situation, and how you behave in that situation is your baby. (Though of course, books and people say even that is pre-destined, but won’t that thought render us completely helpless and miserable?)

Besides, you only know what you were destined to do AFTER you’ve actually done it, so don’t give up!!

Probably the best way to discover the goodness and joy in your life, is to count your blessings as compared to those who suffer in diverse ways. (Not a very polite proposition, but certainly one of the most effective.) Like when you see the underprivileged living on the streets, or when you see people suffering in the hospitals. Those are the times when we invariably notice just how advantaged and blessed we are. So what if I do not have my own room at home? I at least have a roof over my head... OK, I don’t earn as much as a few of my peers, but I at least don’t have to yearn for “necessities” that I already possess...

“Samay ke pehle aur naseeb se zyada kisi ko kuch nahi milta” is a popular saying in Hindi as is “daane daane pe likha hai khane wale ka naam” (Roughly, the two translate to : nobody gets anything before time and more than what he is destined to get, and every morsel holds the name of the eater.) Once imbibed, these two lines can ease and eliminate quite a few or your hassles and sorrows.

Better said than done. I know. I’ve been battling it myself since times immemorial. Just thought I’d share. Maybe you’ll have better “luck” in following it.



Sibi said...

Absolutly...Jaisi karni waisi bharni..Everthing comes back,jus like mogli ka shikanja.B it good or b it bad.U l have to pay for the sins and u l get reward for the good doings u did.Sad end for Aamir and Aseen.I hope v all stay happily in our lives..Nice post...

Contra Value Bets said...

Nicely Written..
What does a someone have when he comes to earth and what will he take when he goes away..
I think that should be how it should be taken and see others and feel blessed that one doesn't have to go through the pain and miseries what others are going through..
"count your blessings as compared to those who suffer in diverse ways" - I think that was a wonderful way to see life.
But that should not let people be satisfied with whatever and not keep trying for what they want.
But ultimately if a person is satisfied with his life then his life is successful.
And his life is doubly successful if he helps at least one other person to do good in life.

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