Monday, December 15

Oye! It's Monday

Train stops at Train Station, Bus stops at Bus Station...
No wonder my desk is called Work Station ;-)

It's been an unusual, lazy weekend. Spent time at home after ages, watched a movie with my parents after decades, and had a fantastic afternoon siesta after centuries.

Told you last week that I’m reading
The Dark Holds No Terrors by Shashi Deshpande. It’s an unexpectedly amazing book. Or maybe it’s my bias towards distress and grief that made the book special to me. I could relate to (almost) every word and feeling of the protagonist Sarita; right from her ugly-duckling-becomes-swan phase to her bitterness towards her more-adored kid brother. Her fears, her desires, her helplessness, her discreet uncouthness and the unrest within her – all these brought to mind my own conflicts with life, people, situations and myself. Would love to share a few things from the book with you, maybe tomorrow...

So, as I said, apart from reading and sleeping like the proverbial log, I watched Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – the much-hyped and crazily-publicized Shahrukh-newbie Anushka starrer. In one word, the movie is “cute”. And that’s about it.

The movie belongs to SRK – the simple man with simple needs and dreams. Vinay Pathak generates a few laughs; the heroine bears an uncanny resemblance to Divya Bharati (the pretty lass whose untimely demise is still a mystery – suicide or murder?!) and the movie kinda drags towards the end when the producers realize the audience has been laughing for quite sometime and that needs to be altered. I missed caramel popcorn that these newly-renovated cinemas don’t sell, and all I remember, is thinking that SRK now looks aged, though his smile is still as fresh and youthful as ever.

Not a must-watch by any standards, but if you can’t wait until Amir's
Ghajini, then you can sneak a peek at this story about how a wife falls in love with her young dance partner (who irritatingly keeps squealing "Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke-Phir Milenge-Chalte Chalte" instead of a simply "bye"), and how she grasps the fact that it is her husband that she truly wishes to be with, though he’s boring and predictable. Oh, and the songs are good, so that’s one reason more.

Alongwith Taare Zameen Par (TZP) on Zee yesterday, I also watched a bit of Kate & Leopold. Both amusing films. I like the Meg Ryan-Jen Anniston-type women. They exude a kinda endearing, independent attitude with great comic timing and emotional vulnerability, all at once. Just like the women I mentioned in
“The Secret”.

And hey, there’s this fun show on NDTV Imagine, called “Oye! It’s Friday” hosted by Farhan Akhtar. I actually found him pretty weird in Rock On, especially that croaky-husky voice that he has, but truth be told, he has a good sensa humor, and he shares a great camaraderie with different actors and celebrities. The guest on this show was Hrithik Roshan, and man, is he charming! Sucha pleasant, humorous, gentlemanly chap – Envy you, Suzanne! Not only is he a great actor and dancer, but he also has his head on his shoulders and a humble, pleasing smile on his lips at any given time. Now how many celebrities do you know are like that?!!

Now before you think that all I’ve done is been a couch-potato this weekend, leme tell you a very exciting experience - I learnt how to draw an apple!! Why? There was this presentation we had on
MBTI with some local entrepreneurs, and one of the exercises needed an image of an apple. After googling some pictures, I managed to draw a cute and pretty accurate one myself, completely freehand! I’m so proud of myself!! Yippeee :-) The simple joys of life! (The boss didn't quite appreciate, said it was "too perfect"... Humphh!! When did you ever hear a boss being pleased with an employee?!!)

Have a good Monday...
Lonely Princess

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Sibi said...

Well u seem to have had a very good weeknd along with yo parents.Cool..I wish i njoyd mine too.Waitng for Ghajini.U can try some other fruits as well to draw.U mus be good at drawing,at lst i thot so..Oye monday,monday oye..Have a good week ahead..

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